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Adventure Compass is introducing the new way to experience the world. At Adventure Compass you will find unique adventure tours, adventure tour operators, knowledgeable local guides, and unique destinations at incredible value. We partner with industry leaders in all countries to offer new trips that combine hands-on exploration, meaningful encounters with people and cultures, more free time and choices, and, of course, fun.
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Short ABC Trek - Annapurna Base Camp Trek
Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking


5 days

$ 1900
Haa Summer Festival


10 days

Rating in Bhutan
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$ 3130
Best of Bhutan


14 days

Rating in Bhutan
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Embark on a Flavorful Culinary Adventure in Punjab
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$ 3150
Pristine Druk Path Trek
Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking


12 days

Rating in Bhutan
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Adventure Travel Holidays

Adventure trips offer unique experiences and in-depth exposure to various cultures at every corner of all continents. Do you love to go off the map and off road just for that amazing sunrise? Do exotic cultures and unfamiliar landscapes get your blood pumping? Can you sit still, even if you are on a beach holiday? If you are passionate about the excitement in all its forms, your whole world is at your fingertips to explore! Here you will find the most unusual and daring picks for both an experienced traveler and a novice in trilling itineraries and one-of-a-kind experiences, with challenging and off-the-beaten-track destinations across the world.

The adventurous traveler gets an amazing opportunity to explore new countries from the perspective of the local, while still enjoying the safety net offered by reputable travel agencies. Thrill seekers, both those who enjoy traveling in large groups, as the family, or solo, can appreciate the differences in the scenery and landscape throughout the great continents that are as varied as the people and wildlife that they meet during their journeys.

Top holidays destinations for those who are less in favor of beaten tracks are topped by Africa and South America, temples and lions in India, walking trips in the Azores, Camino de Santiago in Spain, Japan, hiking across the British Isles, including Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, as well as Cuba. Some of the most popular family holidays destinations include hiking trips across islands and exploring wildlife and marine life.

Exploring some of the great safari parks will give you the opportunity to witness some of the majestic wildlife up close and personal. Boat cruises along the Blue Nile and other great rivers allow you to immerse yourself in the heart of breathtaking history, friendly people and a spiritual experiences unlike anything else on earth.

Group Adventure Travel or Solo Travel?

Family-style adventure holidays are best suited for families who have older children or teenagers or want to explore less traditional destinations with several generations of their families. Usually, travel agents offer adventures to some of the most remote and exciting places on Earth, handpicked for the balance of safety even for the young travelers and the elderly as well as the opportunity to explore some of the most breathtaking sceneries and exhilarating experiences.

Small group tours will take you off traditional beaten tracks and right into the world of carefully planned and executed itineraries that are just as exciting and genuine as they are safe for travelers of all ages and degrees of preparation. What a lovely chance to step off the “conveyor belt tourism,” especially if you are not after 5-star hotels but rather 5-star experience. So instead of being a part of a group that is being forced though boring itinerary adventure travel offers you a burst of spontaneity when you enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

Hiking adventures and cruises are some of the trusted favorites. Ship-based adventures are usually done on expedition ships which allow for more personal interaction with local cultures and marine life while reducing the impact on the sites they visit. All travel tours for families are done in small groups led by experienced guides, both local and those who speak the groups’ native language.

The best providers of weekend adventure holidays practice sustainable, responsible travel attitude and support numerous local and international charities, caring about nature preservation and being mindful about the impact they make on local cultures and people they visit.

Good adventure travel providers will let you travel confidently, knowing that people who support you in your great adventure holidays are veterans in their trade.

To ensure the great holiday experiences you should book your trip with people who have extensive experience in adventure travel. Make sure to deal directly with seasoned professionals who will support you at every stage of your journey.

Holiday Adventure Travel

If you don’t have a lengthy holiday ahead or want to make the best of your bank holidays, then there are shorter trips that focus on exploring trilling destinations within 1-2 hours of air travel in small groups of like-minded people. These trips are great for those who enjoy walking and outdoor activities but are not yet willing to endure climbing or high elevation trekking experiences.

Some of the longer-haul vacation destinations involve traveling to remote, exotic locations and often require a bit of preparation such as visa applications and immunizations. From Alaska to Peru, and from Thailand to Kenya, exciting trip choices abound. But you first need to determine your comfort level. Every adventure trip provider will explain which routes could be strenuous or easy, depending on high altitude, road quality, and availability, weather conditions, long flight or drives. If you enjoy traveling to places where physical and social conditions are different from more “developed” countries, then you will easily find an adventure travel that fits your desired level of comfort.

If you are traveling solo, you can also find an adventure that is tailored to people that are curious about learning new experiences, witnessing new environments, and sampling local cultures and cuisines. For this type of travel, you are more likely to choose less risky and preparation-heavy destinations such as Africa or some countries of South-Eastern Asia, but there are lots of still under-explored destinations available for the sole thrill seeker. For example, solo travelers can choose more popular destinations that include Hawaii, Costa Rica, or alpine skiing in the Alps or Lake Tahoe where they can mingle with the like-minded crowd. Your activities can include skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing in the winter; or hiking and horseback riding in the summer. Exploring gorgeous local cuisine and embrace local customs is also available all year round.

Adventure Tour Holidays

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If your goal is to open the door to some of the most amazing and fascinating places on this planet, go one step forward and choose customized holidays to fuel your passion. We hope you will let Adventure Compass share this passion as you book tour and plan your next exciting adventure travel.