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Rating in Vietnam
$ 420
Photography tour Danang Hoian Hue 4 days


Rating in Nepal
$ 3500
Everest and Gokyo Photography Workshop Tour


Rating in Ecuador
$ 4360
Galapagos Islands


11 days

Rating in Australia
$ 2662
Kakadu Photography with Peter Walton




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Types of Photography Vacations and Tours to Choose From

If you know what a safari once was, you are probably happy it is a completely different thing now, becoming an environmentally friendly and responsible outdoor activity that sustains nature conservation efforts. People have turned from shooting wild animals to shooting pictures, game viewing and simply enjoying some unforgettable time spent in the wilderness areas among stunning scenery, unique desert landscapes or lush vegetation of the rainforests. So basically, any safari can be called a photo safari today and this term is very popular. However, there is a big difference between:

1) special photography tours with itineraries and conditions tailored for photography, with customized vehicles and a guide who is a photography pro;

2) regular trips where you simply can take pictures along the way, without any type of specialist guidance;

3) some kind of combination of a sightseeing tour with a photography class.

A few photography breaks from your other holiday activities are likely to be an interesting experience no matter which option you choose. This also depends on your budget and level of interest in wildlife or other kind of photography. However, there are many details that may not be obvious to a non-photographer but mean a whole world of difference to an avid fan, professional or aspiring photographer (such as the effects of light and positioning or the time of the day for optimum light).

Specialized tours are more likely to resemble serious photography expeditions that professionals embark on and will usually involve:

Anyone planning to hone their wildlife and landscape photo skills, or desiring travel photography holidays with specific photo goals should question the details of any photo tour in order to get the best value for the money and avoid disappointment.