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The origin of the safari is not so fun and diverse, as it used to be a primitive pastime involving big game being hunted and shot. These days it is no more a hunting experience that most countries have already moved on from, making poaching illegal. Safaris are guided jeep tours usually for (but not limited to) viewing and admiring the scenery, wildlife and birds. These tours support local economies, conservation efforts, game reserves and national parks – to benefit nature and wildlife instead of harming the environment.

The four-wheeling adventure of today is not just about typical wildlife tracking or desert jeep tours, either. It has developed into an impressive variety of routes, themes and country-specific or local flavors to choose from. There are sightseeing and cultural tours to gain insight into rural or tribal life, as well as the ones that take you to the nicest beaches or secluded rocky bays, deep canyons and dramatic cliffs.  There are tours that combine jeep adventure with other outdoor, underwater or extreme activities, whale watching safaris, culinary safaris, along with other specialist safaris and host of exciting adventures.

Desert jeep tours often involve experiencing the local culture and visiting a typical village or tasting local food. For those who love some more adrenaline and traveling over rocky terrain, there are mountain safaris that take you to stunning landscapes and viewpoints, but they are not recommended for people who are afraid of heights. Some budget options involve travelling in big groups, while the smaller group safaris and customized safari tours are more expensive.

These are just some of the highlights of what a jeep tour can be to become the best experience of your holiday. Professional drivers and guides or tour leaders ensure that you have a great time and a fantastic day out that you will never forget. The only thing you have to do is following their safety instructions and wearing comfortable walking shoes or clothes that you don’t mind getting dusty – and they will take care of the rest.