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Rating in South Africa
$ 2245
Self-drive Cape, Whale Coast & Garden Route

South Africa

10 days

Self-guided jeeping
Self-guided jeeping
Rating in Iceland
$ 936
Essential Iceland


Self-guided jeeping
Self-guided jeeping
Rating in Namibia
$ 4369
Namibia Birding Self-Drive Safari


Self-guided jeeping
Self-guided jeeping
Rating in Namibia
$ 1877
Self drive in Namibia


Self-guided jeeping
Self-guided jeeping


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Universal Universal
Culinary Culinary
Local guide. I have spent 10 years touring and designing trips with unique travel experiences.
Skiing Skiing
Private Schools Are Better Than Government Schools
Diving Diving
Swimming Swimming

Are you adventurous and want to explore away from crowds or even groups? Are you a fan of rough terrain driving, incredible views or wildlife where regular cars can't go? All the Jeep enthusiasts out there who love flexibility and freedom or simply want to up the adventure quotient of their experience may consider this 4 wheel challenge, exploring at their own pace instead of following someone else’s itinerary and instructions.

Most people agree it is more fun to just sit back and enjoy a thrilling jeep ride while having a driver and/or a guide worry about where to go or which road and turn to take. Some dislike being merely a passenger and prefer driving, but there is at least one professional tour guide in the group, so their jeep adventures are self driven but guided. Then, there are рeople who have their own sense of adventure and prefer having the trail to themselves instead of trailing behind the group. Finally, there are those who think self-guided Jeep tours are cheap or free (which may not be cheap).

If self-guided Jeep vacations is your kind of thing, you are probably an experienced driver who knows that some dirt roads are mild, while some so rough and rocky that even a 4x4 can have a hard time. You need to print the map of the area or pick one up at the Jeep rental. It is better not to go if it's raining or has been raining for a few days, as the roads are likely to turn into a mess. Having plenty of gas, water and snacks is a must when you venture off road. You are in charge of your own safety. However, there are a few other things to know which are less obvious. While many trails and national reserves can be visited throughout the year, some have seasonal closures and restrictions to protect certain species, calving or migration of wildlife. In other places, the weather conditions and seasonal factors may simply significantly change what you expect to see, sometimes just overnight. In many areas, no ground fires or overnight camping are allowed, and some require special permits to be issued in advance or you won’t be able to go there.

There are companies offering self-drive tour packages with accommodation, car rental, jeep camping, itinerary and many important details included. By booking a self-drive tour you not just save money, but also discover the unique tips to maximize your experience and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Consider yourself an avid biker? Fond of independent cycling holidays? Planning cycling holidays abroad? Adventure Compass has handpicked the most scenic biking routes for cycling on your own. So, please have a closer look.

Our world is enormous and there are lots of places you can visit if you decide to travel by bike. Explore interesting places, admire the surroundings and remain fit. Travelling by bike on your own is so much fun. It’s you who decide where to go, when to stop and what to see. You can also buy tickets if you prefer to spend cycling holidays abroad and take your bike with you or rent a bike locally.

Without doubts, today, there are millions of bike routes available. There are both heavily popular and not so trafficked cycling routes on offer. Thus, both professional and amateur bikers can find something interesting for them.  Discover the areas your way on a self guided cycling holiday, cycle independently and stop wherever you wish. Cycle each day at your own pace and take full advantage of arranging your ultimate cycling holiday tailored to your personal needs. Find your own way and benefit from some handy route notes and detailed maps. No strings attached!

So, let’s your amazing self-guided cycling holidays begin! Browse through best biking destinations, check the details and choose where you feel like going today with your bike.  Travel light and enjoy the interesting places along the way.