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Pasionated of outdoors activities, he has been living in the van for several years just skiing in the Alps. Now he is full time working as a mountainguide, doing skitrip in winter and based in North of Norway in summer.
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Cross Country Train Travel at its Best: Traversing Russia, Mongolia and China

People have different ideas and expectations of adventure tours and tour packages that offer glimpses of several cities and countries or combinations of popular tourist destinations. Still, with the most popular destinations becoming crowded and overly expensive, many travelers seek lesser known spots and more exotic, authentic experiences.  However, to have an adventure holiday or to venture out of your comfort zone, you don’t need to go to such extremes as mountain climbing, bungee jumping, desert jeeping, trekking in the volcano’s whereabouts or traveling around the world. You can still retain a considerable level of comfort and planned itinerary in a journey that is exciting and full of contrasts, but if you wish to have an experience that is close in its diversity to traveling around the world, choose the Transmongolian tour by Intrepid travel. Train vacations spanning 8,000 kilometres along the world's finest railway from Russia to China, through the Mongolian and Siberian wilderness, are the most convenient way to discover these places without having to compromise on the comfort and the diversity of experiences. Instead of visiting one of these regions only, you have a fantastic opportunity to take in the beauty of many magnificent places at once – Moscow and St. Petersburg, Lake Baikal, the Buddhist Tibetan monastery and the city built by Genghis Khan, a powerful symbol of Mongolian past glory, and, finally, the imperial Beijing where China’s ancient past meets the contemporary culture. The Transmongolian –Trans-siberian railway trip, with its diversity, unique personality and lovely countryside, featuring rail travel at its finest, is not to be missed.

An Unforgettable Cross Country Train Trip

Even those who are not fans of rail travel may change their mind when the train takes them from one unique place or experience to another, while the views are spectacular. It can also be quite soothing, meditative and stress-relieving when you just ride on train and spend a few days doing little more than gazing at this wilderness and beautiful scenery that hasn’t been spoiled by hordes of tourists. Authentic experiences such as living in a Siberian village, in camps, local guesthouses and homestays add unique character and charm to the journey, and so do the local meals, regional flavors and the traditional activities of the locals, like Russian ‘banya’ (sauna) and birch branch ‘massage.’ Contrast the buzzing and busy cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Beijing to a slower moving, small rural place feel of picturesque villages where everything seems to remain almost untouched by time. Train travel through three great countries of colorful and rich historical and cultural diversity for an unforgettable experience that is full of contrasts and surprises and different from other adventure tours you may remember or only plan to try.