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Skating on Lake Baikal


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Yellowstone Wildlife Walks - Reverse

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<title>A Sea Expedition to the Russian Far East for Fans of Adventure travel, Wildlife and Birdwatching</title>

<meta name="description" content="Underwater exploration is not the only way to discover marine biodiversity – on board of an expedition vessel, it is also fun to do it, enjoying the spectacular landscapes, as well as both terrestrial and marine wildlife.">

<h1>The Sea Adventure for the Ocean Explorer in You</h1>

If you like the idea of an adventure tour that is an ultimate seaquest, featuring a variety of secluded islands abundant in pristine wildlife, head for expeditions. The impressive variety of unique, rare and endangered species found on the archipelagos and islands that are seldom visited and difficult to get to will delight avid birdwatchers and newcomers alike. The naturalists and guides with a lifetime of experience who will accompany you as you travel there will make your sea journey interesting, informative and unforgettable for everyone.

The best places to visit in the area: the Sakhalin Island, the Tyuleniy Island, the Iony Island, the Shantar Archipelago, the Mal’minskie Islands, the Okhotsk Town, the Talan Island, the Koni Peninsula, the Yamskiye Islands and Magadan.

<h2>Unique Mammals and the Richness of Birdlife Make for the Best Adventure Vacations</h2>.

These islands, waters and regions of serene Nordic beauty are home to western gray whales, northern fur seals and Steller sea lions, bearded, ringed, largha and ribbon seals, Kamchatka brown bear and other mammals such as the arctic ground squirrel. The seabird numbers and variety can only be described as spectacular, including Steller's sea eagles, guillemots, tufted and horned puffins, kittiwakes, murrelets, fulmars, as well as various species of auklets and parakeet, waterfowl and migratory species.

This kind of travel is great for the inquisitive, the adventurous, the nature-loving and simply anyone who is tired of standard group tours and places widely advertised but roamed by crowds of tourists. What makes this style of travel especially interesting and different from other cruises and seabird expedition is that besides landing at a standard places along the coast, some of the landings will be new and unknown.

Anyway, if you are true enthusiastic ocean explorers who are never quite sure what to find next, a Sea Expedition is what you’ll adore. That’s the kind of adventure most people only dream of having but can’t find an opportunity to experience. What about you, will you dare?