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Types of adventures:
Jeeping Rafting / kayaking / sailing Multi Culture Cruising Universal Aurora
Year established: 2007
Type: DMC
No of tours: 58
Destinations: 2

About company

We have been working for 10 years but still we prefer to walk off the beaten path and call for new — for ourselves and our tourists. Nature understands us and opens lots of opportunities. We arrange expeditions to far-flung places; create bold projects such as an expedition to the cold pole during the coldest time of the year. We’re constantly developing new routes and refine the old ones. And in our case perfect is not the enemy of good.

None of our tours is made without creativity. And no one will leave us till he feels it! After all, isn’t the inspiration what you’re looking for in this distant place? And to share our inspiration with those, who are still thinking about meeting nature, we are putting a lot of time and effort into photo- and video-shooting of these miraculous places. And we sure bet will have you packing your suitcases shortly after watching them.

Our business is impossible without empathy, since a trip is something you wait for a long time, prepare for it and then… oops! Two weeks are gone. But memories remain. And we in BaikalNature care for your memories never to feel sorry about. So we aspire not only to hear, but feel our tourist’s wishes and to assure top notch service and safety.

A trip is a feast. We believe in that and we want the feeling of feast still stay with our tourists as they see the trip pricing. And for our partners — as they know their reward. We don’t cut down on smiles. That’s why we never overprice our tours and never be little the input to work. We want all process participants — tourists, guides, hotels, drivers, chefs — everyone to be happy. That’s what will make us happy. And that’s our kind of feast!

We have a special attitude to Russia. It is our home. And we care for its economic growth, especially in its far regions. That’s why we don’t sit still. We create work places. Invite local people to participate in tour creation. And, certainly, support the region with tax payments.

It may sound obvious, but we do admire nature and we feel to be part of it. For us it means loving & caring attitude. The same attitude we expect from our tourists. Otherwise where will we escape from the city buzz?

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Flag of RussiaRussia
No of tours: 57
Rating in Russia :
Types of adventures: Jeeping Rafting / kayaking / sailing Multi Culture Cruising Universal Aurora
Flag of Svalbard and Jan MayenSvalbard and Jan Mayen
No of tours: 1
Rating in Svalbard and Jan Mayen :
Types of adventures: Multi

Company tours

$ 3305
Treasures of Caucasus


12 days

Rating in Russia
$ 503
Karelia Multi-Active


3 days

Rating in Russia
$ 2540
Land of bears and volcanoes


10 days

Rating in Russia