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Northern Alaska Tour Company

Northern Alaska Tour Company

Types of adventures:
Jeeping Multi Flight Aurora
Year established: 1986
Type: DMC
No of tours: 19
Destinations: 1

About company

Northern Alaska Tour Company is an Alaskan-owned tour operator based in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Company was founded in 1986 to provide unparalleled travel and touring experiences in Alaska's Arctic for guests while maintaining the highest standards of safety and commitment to traditional culture and the environment. 

Our cooperative, grassroots tour programs strengthen the local economies in the communities and regions we visit and help preserve the wisdom of knowledgeable locals by recording and incorporating their knowledge into tour programs. 

As our traveling guests learn of and experience firsthand the delicate, wondrous environment of Alaska's Arctic, they are able to appreciate and help protect it. When carried forth conscientiously, travel and touring can serve to protect the natural environment and preserve traditional culture where it may otherwise be destroyed. 

In sharing our culture and environment with visitors, we as hosts, along with our guests are deeply enriched by the experience... which is really what travel and touring is all about.

Our Guides

Northern Alaska Tour Company guides are highly-trained Alaskans who are able to share their unique understanding of Alaska with you based on their personal experiences. We are confident that you will find the level of service provided by your guide to be as high or higher than you have ever before experienced.   

Tour Vehicles

Northern Alaska Tour Company strives to provide a personalized travel experience. Touring is done in small groups utilizing a 25-passenger tour coach. A 10-passenger van is used for smaller groups, Arctic Ocean Adventures, Arctic Circle Winter Drive, Arctic Circle Aurora Adventure, and special circumstances. A full-time mechanic subjects each vehicle to a detailed inspection prior to each departure as well as upon its return. Each guide assists in this maintenance program by completing a vehicle inspection before and after tour noting any changes in vehicle operation. This information is then used by the mechanic to inspect even the smallest change in vehicle operation to insure safety and accurate operation. Tour vehicles are equipped with CB Radios, satellite telephones, road safety kit, and two spare tires. 


Flag of United StatesUnited States
No of tours: 19
Rating in United States :
Types of adventures: Jeeping Multi Flight Aurora

Company tours

Arctic Ocean Adventure

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Yukon River Aurora Adventures

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Arctic Circle Midnight Sun Drive Adventure

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Client's Reviews

Fun one day tour
Written: Jun 7, 2019 | Event date: June 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
We highly recommend the drive north to the Arctic Circle in a small bus with a knowledgeable guide who has spent many years in the Arctic environment. It's a great view up close of the changing conditions faced by all who live there.
A flight back saves a second long bus ride and gives another perspective of the geography and expanse of Alaska.
Artic Circle Drive
Written: Jun 7, 2019 | Event date: June 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
10:00am to 3:00am trip excellent and guide Tony. Made us want to rent a rig and drive all the way to Deadhorse.Would definately recommend Tony is excellent driver.Beautiful scenery.
l b
Arctic Circle Drive/Fly Tour from Fairbanks
Written: Jun 2, 2019 | Event date: June 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
What a great drive from Fairbanks to Coldfoot! Our guide Aaron was incredibly knowledgeable about so many aspects of this excursion. Details about the pipeline, native land claims, the environment, and so much more. Well timed stops to break up the drive. And then a wonderful flight home to see it all again from the air.
Amazing trip
Written: May 27, 2019 | Event date: May 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
My family and I (include my 5 years old daughter) took this tour yesterday. Our tour guide (plus driver and photographer) Gabe was amazing, very kind and easy going. Hope to take this tour again on winter time to check Aurora!
Last Truck Stop in North America
Written: May 16, 2019 | Event date: May 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
Coldfoot Alaska is home to the last or first truckstop. This pipeline support community is a desolate retreat. Promised a fun narrated round trip we booked the fly up/drive back option. The plane ride up from Fairbanks was pawned to a freight run with jump seats at Wright Air. The freight hops to small towns including Bettles proved the highlight when we picked up natives traveling to Fairbanks for an eyeglass exam. Nice super friendly people. The only voices we heard the entire trip.
So bounced off the plane into a shuttle van escorted by a very nice driver to a sack lunch In Coldfoot. Then a bumpy ride to the Artic Circle to switch drivers. I’ll save the rest for a horror movie but take away this, not a trip for anyone who is not in good physical shape. Best part was food, this travel company hires great cooks. Need new comfy vans but honestly the Dalton Hwy will destroy anything you drive on it. Takeaway this: No wildlife and understand this is a pipeline tour not your Alaska Pipe Dream.
Arctic circle tour - unforgettable
Written: May 11, 2019 | Event date: March 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
What a great day! Our driver John introduced himself and it became clear straight away that his knowledge and enthusiaism was immense. The coach was comfortable and clean. John made sure during the trip that the windows were kept clean on the outside to make our viewing as good as possible.
We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. Somewhat warmer than expected at around 33 degrees.
The jouney went well and the stops we made were in interesting places with good views: the outpost village called Joy, the interesting rock formation in the shape of a finger and the unique, eerie passage where the snow covered trees gave a ghostly feeling. The views across the permafrost were amazing and the descent down beaver slide to the impressive Yukon river was exciting. Another treat for us as fans of 'ice road trucjkers'.
Just before the Arctic circle itself was a great grey owl flying alongside the coach. Another once in a lifetime tick for us.
Northern Alaska Tour Company responded to this review
Responded May 28, 2019
Thank you philwyard for taking the time to share your experience with others. We are so glad you choose Northern Alaska Tour Company for your Arctic Circle Adventure and glad you enjoyed your time with John. Best wishes for a bright summer! Kathy
Mahonri C
Family trip
Written: May 10, 2019 | Event date: May 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
I went with my family, 13 in total, two small kids and 3 teens included in the group. It is a long trip for little ones but they had fun. I enjoyed seeing the pipe line at the lunch stop and seeing the river ice break up. Lots of snow and ice on the ground. Coach was clean and driver and personel awsome! Great trip.

Jacob lyle
Great Trip
Written: Apr 28, 2019 | Event date: April 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
I took this tour on 28th May with Ryan as our guide. He was very thoughtful, knowledgeable and adventurous in his spirit though extremely careful about the safety aspects of driving on the Dalton Highway. The terrain was beautiful and Ryan knew some terrific spots from where we could get a 360 degrees panoramic views of the Alaskan landscapes. Really enjoyed the tour and will highly recommend the tour company and Ryan for this tour!!
Northern Alaska Tour Company responded to this review
Responded May 27, 2019
Thank you Neeta67 for taking the time to share your experience with others. We are so glad you enjoyed your day with Ryan and wish you a bright Midnight Sun Season! Kathy
Rook H
Arctic Circle Aurora fly/drive.
Written: Apr 24, 2019 | Event date: March 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
Awesome. This was a treat of a life time. Fly from Fairbanks to Coldfoot in a small plane. The flight itself was so awesome. A view of the Yukon River from above was pretty cool, and I’m sure it was cold down there being all the water was frozen:) We had a huge meal in Coldfoot and after that began our trip down the Dalton Highway. Wow, what views of the landscape. Stunning and beautiful land. The overcast sky’s gave us beautiful colors with the sunset. We stopped at one place to get a close up of the Alaskan Pipe Line and a few of us played in the snow with some sledding. The tour drivers were all very informative of the areas we drove through. Dinner time at the Yukon River Bridge. We picked up some small (take home memorabilia) in the gift shop. Our trip returned to the road south and the next stop was the Wildwood General Store. Time was 2 am. We pulled up some chairs out side and watched the sky’s for any northern lights. There again the cloud cover was to much, but it was very nice to be out in the comfort of good people and awesome surroundings. We ended up back in Fairbanks around 4 am. We didn’t see any northern lights on that journey, but my wife did get to see the northern lights while visiting the Chena Hot Springs. For me :) I was down and out with a head cold or something so I stayed at the Hotel. We are going back to Alaska, sometime between September and February. Don’t think about going to Alaska, just do it while your able to enjoy the time. Aloha all
Memorable Arctic circle visit
Written: Apr 10, 2019 | Event date: April 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
We checked in quickly at the airport and boarded the small plane after a briefing by the friendly staff at the airport reception. The pilot flew at low altitude and we were able to see below quite well. He explained throughout our flight and also tipped the wing on one side so that we could see a certain spot. Glad to have him as our first guide! After landing at cold foot, which was itself an experience, we were received by another friendly guide John and taken to a cosy restaurant for lunch. We had time for pics outside and then off to the Arctic post. We stopped at a few places for pics and John was giving information all along the way. At the Arctic post, we had to change vehicles and now we have to travel in a bus. The new guide, John was not connecting well with us. The bus was unexpected for me and arrangements here were a bit confusing. He came late to pick us and then was very late to reach at the dinner restaurant at yukon and we waited more time outside as well. he could have informed them earlier so that we need not have to wait. we then had dinner about 90 min behind schedule. I deducted 1 star for this part of our tour. Then we arrived at the Arctic Circle Trading Post in Joy for aurora viewing. The new guide, Kyle, was very nice and eager to help us all to take nice pictures with our camera. he adjusted and returned back to see if pictures are coming well. Then we headed back to our hotel and we stopped one more time for pictures. Overall, a nice tour.
Northern Alaska Tour Company responded to this review
Responded Apr 14, 2019
Thank you pennking for choosing Northern Alaska Tour Company for your Arctic Circle Aurora Fly Drive Adventure - Southbound. We are sorry to hear the logistics did not seem to connect on your day of travel. Without knowing the date you traveled I cannot see if weather, road conditions, or road closure delayed the connection. But, what I can take away from your post is the briefing you heard in Fairbanks wasn't clear on the logistics that yes, you would be meeting a new guide at the Arctic Circle and for that I am sorry it wasn't clear in the briefing. We appreciate your review and are glad it was a memorable visit. Thank you, Kathy

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