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Pioneer Expeditions

Pioneer Expeditions

Types of adventures:
Rafting / kayaking / sailing Skiing Climbing & Mountaineering Multi Trekking  +  walking Culture
Year established: 2006
No of tours: 26
Destinations: 17

About company

Pioneer are driven by a passion for adventure travel which they love to share with the clients. They delight in searching the globe for new destinations, new experiences and creating the most incredible adventure holidays. So you can travel with Pioneer Expeditions on vacation to the world’s most spectacular, remote and extraordinary places, whether you are looking to join one of their scheduled small group adventures, your own private tailormade trip or a luxury family holiday.

Pioneer Expeditions has been successfully focussing on ‘wildlife trips and adventure holidays’ since their launch in 2006.They are different from virtually all other adventure companies in that their background is in organising major international expeditions (the Borobudur ship expedition 2003-04 and Phoenicia ship expedition 2008-2010 were both successful multinational expeditions involving international governments and institutional partners) and as a result they now work with a unique network of like-minded partners from around the world.

Pioneer Expeditions has a passion for bringing the very best travel experiences to the clients, often in an expedition-style adventure format, from some of the most remote corners of the world. Pioneer is a private UK limited adventure travel company that is owned and managed by its directors. Now in their 11th year of operation, they are based in the market town of Wimborne, Dorset and regularly attend travel shows at  London’s Olympia exhibition centre such as Destinations and the Adventure Travel show.

Responsible Travel: environment, culture and ethics drive the adventure tours

All Pioneer expeditions are organised and led with a commitment to maximising the benefits of the trips to the local community and minimising the negative impact associated with tourism. Pioneer Expeditions employs local guides and staff, not just to benefit the local economy, but also to give you a real sense of the local cultures. To greatly reduce the impact on the environment Pioneer Expeditions has a strict maximum of 8-12 team members per group, which helps to minimise the damage associated with large scale tourism.
On the adventure and wildlife trips they never leave anything where they camp, trek, raft, kayak or sail. They leave places like they found them, in fact they often leave them in better condition. Most of the expeditions involve some sort of environmentally friendly power such as trekking by foot, paddling a kayak or raft. To support local communities, Pioneer Expeditions sleeps and eats in locally-run establishments wherever possible, and interact sensibly with local communities as they believe in positive cultural exchanges to enhance their lives through trade not aid.

Pioneer Expeditions was founded in 2006 to offer real off the beaten track adventures and extraordinary ‘Pioneer Firsts’ such as the North – South traverse of Liverpool Land in Greenland, and to be one of the first groups to trek the length of the Cotahuasi Canyon (the world’s deepest canyon) in Peru. Since organizing these trips they have developed many other itineraries for international activity holidays, wildlife tours and extreme adventure trips by forming deep partnerships with local specialists. As a result they have an unparalleled network of local partners, experience and resources to deliver amazing tailormade holidays, small group trips and luxury adventures.



Nature and culture are important to Pioneer Expeditions and there are plenty of opportunities on every trip to explore the fascinating flora and fauna, unusual places and landmarks around us. And after comfortably ‘roughing it’ in the wilds, they tend to spend the last few days relaxing in more luxurious accommodation. They try to make life as comfortable as possible, even when camping out in the wilds.

Pioneer Expeditions uses highly experienced local guides and experts to work with them as they know that no one knows a place better than the people who live there

On some expeditions they aim to be the first group to achieve an unusual objective or particular mission. Canoeing a river from source to sea, climbing a remote mountain or volcano, swimming a volcanic lake, trekking a glacier or traversing a tropical island; Pioneer Expeditions is constantly researching new ideas and experiences.

You will not need any specialist skills to come on a Pioneer expedition – though you may leave with some – and age is no barrier.

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The company has offices in the cities
  • Wimborne Minster, United Kingdom


No of tours : 2
Rating in Colombia :
Types of adventures: Multi Trekking  +  walking
No of tours : 1
Rating in Ecuador :
Types of adventures: Rafting / kayaking / sailing
No of tours : 1
Rating in Argentina :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
No of tours : 1
Rating in Bulgaria :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
Myanmar (Burma)Myanmar (Burma)
No of tours : 1
Rating in Myanmar (Burma) :
Types of adventures: Culture
No of tours : 1
Rating in Malaysia :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
United StatesUnited States
No of tours : 1
Rating in United States :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
No of tours : 8
Rating in Madagascar :
Types of adventures: Rafting / kayaking / sailing Multi Trekking  +  walking
No of tours : 1
Rating in Indonesia :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
No of tours : 1
Rating in Ethiopia :
Types of adventures: Climbing & Mountaineering
No of tours : 1
Rating in Nepal :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
No of tours : 2
Rating in Guatemala :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea
No of tours : 1
Rating in Papua New Guinea :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
No of tours : 1
Rating in Greenland :
Types of adventures: Skiing
No of tours : 1
Rating in Bhutan :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
No of tours : 1
Rating in Thailand :
Types of adventures: Multi
No of tours : 1
Rating in India :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
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