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Kalypso Adventures

Kalypso Adventures

Types of adventures:
Type: DMC
No of tours: 6
Destinations: 2

About company

Calypso or Kalypso has many meanings. But the first to strike one would be the fun, laughter and carefree life of the Caribbean Islands. It also stands for the ship Jacques-Yves Cousteau sailed for his adventures underwater and the motto of that ship in its glory days was "Il faut aller voir" ("We must go and see for ourselves"). Kalypso Adventures combined both to form the company. What started as promoting adventure in Kerala, now covers the entire country – providing adventure travel to the furthermost corners of the country.

Through the years Kalypso has remained focused on special interest tours in adventure, nature travel and eco tours – all the time keeping in mind the importance of the fragile environment Kalypso Adventures work in and the lives of the local communities. Their guides are arguably the best in their chosen fields be it birding, natural history safaris or entomological expeditions.

Their love of the great outdoors and many years of experience has enabled them to develop some of the most exciting adventure and wildlife trips in India. Kalypso Adventures now offers an unrivalled selection of suggested itineraries for tours that can be taken as shown or tailor-made, all on dates to suit you.

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The company has offices in the cities
  • Kerala, India


No of tours : 5
Rating in India :
Types of adventures: Cycling
Sri LankaSri Lanka
No of tours : 1
Rating in Sri Lanka :
Types of adventures: Cycling

Company tours

$ 980
E-Bike Tour in Kerala (KC - 17)


8 days

Rating in India
$ 2530


Sri Lanka Cycling Holiday (KSR01)

Sri Lanka

14 days

Rating in Sri Lanka
$ 1950
Rajasthan Cycling Holiday (KC 09)


12 days

Rating in India
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