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The Heritage Safari Company

The Heritage Safari Company

Types of adventures:
Jeeping Rafting / kayaking / sailing Multi Camping Trekking  +  walking Culture Cruising Diving Flight Universal Safari Wildlife
Type: DMC
No of tours: 61
Destinations: 13

About company

Welcome to The Heritage Safari Company!

Since 2010, The Heritage Safari Company has customized travels across Africa for adventure-seeking travelers. Today, we help you plan your African safaris to Eastern and Southern Africa, as well as your adventures to Latin America.
Africa is a continent brimming with spectacular landscapes filled with wildlife: game drive and search for the Big 5 in the Serengeti, get up close and personal with mountain gorillas, or relax on heavenly beaches in Zanzibar.
Journey beyond Africa to Latin America where you can travel back in time and rediscover the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, surf some waves on the Pacific coast or cruise to numerous islands in the Galapagos.
Whether you are traveling with that one special person, with your family, or with a group of friends, our safari experts can personalize your experience according to your interests and budget. Choose your destination(s), and together, let’s plan the trip of a lifetime!

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No of tours : 16
Rating in Tanzania :
Types of adventures: Jeeping Multi Trekking  +  walking Culture Diving Universal Wildlife
No of tours : 5
Rating in Peru :
Types of adventures: Multi Trekking  +  walking
No of tours : 2
Rating in Nepal :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking Wildlife
No of tours : 5
Rating in Zimbabwe :
Types of adventures: Multi Camping Safari Wildlife
No of tours : 7
Rating in Ecuador :
Types of adventures: Rafting / kayaking / sailing Cruising Wildlife
South AfricaSouth Africa
No of tours : 5
Rating in South Africa :
Types of adventures: Multi
No of tours : 3
Rating in Rwanda :
Types of adventures: Safari Wildlife
No of tours : 2
Rating in Ghana :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking Wildlife
No of tours : 5
Rating in Namibia :
Types of adventures: Jeeping Multi Flight Wildlife
No of tours : 3
Rating in Guatemala :
Types of adventures: Multi Culture
No of tours : 3
Rating in Zambia :
Types of adventures: Multi Safari Wildlife
No of tours : 3
Rating in Kenya :
Types of adventures: Jeeping Camping
Sri LankaSri Lanka
No of tours : 2
Rating in Sri Lanka :
Types of adventures: Multi Wildlife
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Company tours

$ 9850
Southern Africa in Style

South Africa

$ 4380
Discover East Africa


$ 6400
Katavi and Mahale Mountains
Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking


Rating in Tanzania
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