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The Peak Adventure Tour Co.,Ltd

The Peak Adventure Tour Co.,Ltd

Types of adventures:
Rafting / kayaking / sailing Biking
Type: Operator
No of tours: 2
Destinations: 1

About company

“The Peak” adventure tours was the brainchild of your host Pichai in 1999 as a means of satisfying and sharing his love of outdoor adventure. “Our greatest pride now and always, is: ”our team“ made up of the finest & most experienced adventurers in the north. The Efforts of “Our team” are to some extent self-serving: We are compelled to place Chiangmai as the hub of outdoor adventure for all of South east asia.

This goal can only be achieved thru customer satisfaction, which makes “You an important member of our Team”

The most important member of “our team” is the village and the villagers. “The Peak” as a company has no business but sharing the natural beauty and excitment provided by nature and it’s “caretaker...... the Village.”

All of our staff is hired from the local village and trained by “The Peak” . Our tour group activities are geared around generating income and intangible benefit to these “caretakers of nature.”

Beyond the direct benefit to the village, The safety and rescue training provided to individuals will benefit the village as a whole.


Flag of ThailandThailand
No of tours: 2
Rating in Thailand :
Types of adventures: Rafting / kayaking / sailing Biking

Licenses & Сertificates


Company tours

$ 27
X-1 : Jungle Excursion


Rating in Thailand
$ 26.66
Q-1 Bushwacker Tour
Self-guided jeeping
Self-guided jeeping


1 days

$ 56
I-5 : White Water Rafting + Bushwacker tour
Rafting / kayaking / sailing
Rafting / kayaking / sailing


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