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SpiceRoads Cycling

SpiceRoads Cycling

Types of adventures:
Year established: 1995
Type: Operator
No of employees: 50
No of tours: 3
Destinations: 1

About company

SpiceRoads Cycling is a unique travel operating company, which promotes traveling by cycling. They have been functional for over 24 years and are based out of Vietnam. They curate extraordinary cycle adventures across 30 countries that give the visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with varied cultures, characters, and landscapes. They believe travel is not just about the destination but the journey and its experiences.

They offer various kinds of cycling tours all over the world. Ranging from cross country voyages to classic tours. The company has become a pioneer in organizing bicycle tours across countries like Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Albania, and Borneo. 

Because of the nature of the tours, every itinerary has to be custom designed based on the routes. They offer a well-balanced price for the tours, which are not too expensive. They make sure that on all tours, the staff to client ratio is one to three so that any situation can be easily handled.


Flag of VietnamVietnam
No of tours: 3
Rating in Vietnam :
Types of adventures: Cycling

Company tours

$ 1950
Cycling Vietnam's Central Coast


10 days

Rating in Vietnam
$ 3590
Saigon to Hanoi by Bike


17 days

Rating in Vietnam
$ 1295
Mountain Biking Vietnam's Northwest Mountains


6 days

Rating in Vietnam

Client's Reviews

Phuket Century Road Ride
Written: May 13, 2019 | Event date: May 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
This 100km road ride around Phuket was absolutely awesome. From the beginning to end the experience was very professional. I made email enquiries before leaving home all of which were promptly answered. The pickup from Karon Beach was right on time & comfortable.
My guide for the day was Noom & he was very knowledgeable, safe & a pleasure to ride with & he is a credit to the company. This was easily the best day of my holiday & I wouldn't hesitate in doing it again. Thanks again, I loved it.
Countryside Bike and Kayak Tour
Written: Mar 25, 2019 | Event date: March 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
I was solo so had to pay a supplement. Picked up from the hotel on time. Travelled to meet Nick (the guide). Water and helmets supplied. Great ride through the rubber and pineapple plantations and a chance to walk through and take a closer look. Hills on some sections. Stopped off a a local shop for refreshments and snacks. Then on to the kayak section. Life jackets supplied. Kayak through the mangroves. Then cycle back to the waterfall, it was the dry season so not very impressive. Nick was an excellent guide and made the trip interesting. This is my 2nd Spice road trip and they do seem to be well organised.
Very disappointing
Written: Feb 17, 2019 | Event date: January 2019 | Source: tripadvisor.com
Our pick up was over 45 minutes late. We had to phone the office to find out what was going on, they blamed traffic, the driver blame the car tyre.
The driver tried to make us pay to enter the pier, we again had to phone the office to get it sorted, luck we had a local phone to call the office.

Below is a quote from the tour description on the spice-roads website. We did not do any of this.
"We visit the village where batik is made and take a break at a local farm and have a refreshing fresh coconut."

Don our guide did not explain anything about the tour and there was very little explanation throughout the day.
No timings of the tour were discussed with us and we did not know when lunch was, how long we had at lunch or when we where expected to get back to the pier.
We arrived at the lunch stop at approximately 11:30, then waited for food for 30 minutes.
Don did not join us for lunch, we hardly saw him. He advised us to let him know when we were ready to leave. We asked how long it was going to take to get back to the pier, he advised 1 - 1.5 hours to took us 45 mins.

Which then meant we sat at pier at the end of the ride for over an hour before the boat arrived. I paid a lot of money to be on a tour not sit at a pier.

Don was also asked on the way back to the pier if there was anyway to get some cold beers at the end of the ride. He said yes, when we got there and my husband asked him again about the beers he said ”I thought you were joking”. My husband then had to ride back into the town (20 minutes round trip) to find beers.

Don gave us cold soft drinks but no cold water, without asking if we even drink soft drink which I don’t.

One bike had a lose gear set as a results one of our riders had to ride the guides bike which was smaller then required. All bikes should have regular maintenance and should be throughly checked before every tour. The guide should also have some basic tools to fix minor issues, which Don did not. Luckily my husband had a multi-tool with him, however we were still unable to fix it.

We went over on a speed boat but back on a long tail no explanation as to why, we think we know why but communication with your customer is key.

Again another quote from the website, there were no snacks provided on the tour.
"Water, snacks and lunch is included in this tour."

Overall I was very disappointed with the tour and the money I had paid for it, as it was NOT good value for money.
When I go on a tour I hope to get some inside information or tips from the local guide, we go nothing extra that I could not have gotten from the internet. Never once did Don offer to take any photos of our group, suggest any locations to stop for photos, nothing. If you are a guide you need to be a people person and clearly Don is not.

We have done multiple cycle tours around the world and in-particular Asia and this would have to be the worse experience we have ever had.
I will not be recommending Spice Roads to anyone else given this experience.
Four days/three nights - Central Thailand Explorer
Written: Dec 30, 2018 | Event date: December 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
Really enjoyed this, much credit to Konn (guide) and Lin (driver) who managed very well to make this work for a mixed group. I was much slower than other cyclists, but they worked it so that I could continue at my pace and they at theirs - kudos for that. The 4 days were quite varied, with great sight seeing and cycling through various landscapes. The shortest day was c. 25km and longest 40km.

Accommodation varied a little, one was excellent the other two good. Food was really good throughout and Konn and Lin went out of their way to choose lots of options that gave us all (with various eatting preferences) chances to taste lots of different foods.

Very professional on every level. I would certainly consider booking with SpiceRoads again.
Excellent Experience
Written: Oct 1, 2018 | Event date: October 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
My spouse and I were in Phuket for a celebration and looking for things to do to flesh out our stay. We had done SpiceRoads’ Bangkok Jungle tour on a previous Thailand trip and loved it, so we made finding another SpiceRoads experience a priority. We decided on the Phuket XC ride, and ended up bringing a friend with us.

After reading the description of the ride, we had imagined wider dirt roads through the woods. However, we discovered that the riding on the Phuket XC trip is true XC trail riding - lots of short steep slopes and 90 degree or tighter turns. This in itself was quite tricky, but it had also rained the morning of our ride and so the trail was super slick and muddy. We were on it for about ten minutes and had already walked up and around several difficult points in trail. Our guide, Don, perceived that we were struggling and offered to do a different route. When we found out the rest of the 18k would be as hard as the first ten minutes, we decided to switch.

(A note to SpiceRoads: we think the fact sheet for the Phuket XC ride could be a bit more clear about how narrow the trail is and how tight the turns are. We believe that really experienced bikers might know what you mean from just the title, but less experienced folks might get confused.)

The new route wound along a paved road past different resort complexes and, while short on vistas, was a really pleasant bout of exercise. We stopped at a small coffee stand and had some wildly delicious iced milk tea. Afterwards, Don led us on a hillier route through a rubber plantation. That part of the ride was the most challenging for us, but pleasantly so, and we enjoyed going through the woods. Rain was coming quickly in, so Don summoned our van and we got in just as it started to come down.

We highly recommend riding with SpiceRoads if you get the chance. They are always professional, prepared, and take good care of you. While our ride didn’t work out how we expected, Don did a great job repurposing to fit our ability.
Great fun!
Written: Aug 3, 2018 | Event date: August 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
We had a very nice half day cycling tour through a part of Bangkok we would otherwise would not have discovered. The guide was very professional and kind, spoke very good English and went out of his way to make this and enjoyable trip without expecting any money for it in return. Highly recommendable!
Challenging experience
Written: Jul 22, 2018 | Event date: July 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
I went for full day 50km Bike & Kayak tour with Spice Road, alone. As the tour need minimum 2pax, i had to pay extra to go on my own with a guide. An exhilarating & tiring experience for me though i am physically fit.

The day started at 8.30am with pickup to the Spiceroad office, was a looooong journey from Patong Nap hotel, about 45mins. (To and fro THB700) Was greeted by a friendly staff, and the professional guide. After a short briefing on safety, hand signaling and bike fitting, we were on our way. Dont expect many wooo-ahhh scenery on this trip, basically just some pineapple, rubber plantations & villages. This is something the organiser need to improve on. However, i did enjoy the country-side peace and tranquility, albeit the scorching June sun!!! 2hrs plus into the ride, i was sunburnt totally!!!
There is only 1 super steep slope (more than 45degs for sure!) but its only like 100m, i push my bike all the way, no joke, panting like mad after that.

Before lunch we rested at a waterfall, was nice and i did some cleanup with the cool waterfall water. Lunch was a simple meal but u can choose what food u want, meal included in the package. Strongly advice dont take too heavy lunch, the return-leg is long stretch of gradual slopes.

The kayaking was kindof disappointing, only a short 30mins kayak in a mangrove area. See picture. Was expecting a longer duration like an hour.

Finally, the return-leg biking takes like forever to finish even though it is on main road. Afternoon sun was too bear, plus fatigue, I could not catch up at all, trailing behind by at least 1km. By the time i was on my tpt back to hotel, my legs were not with me anymore, literally knock-out flat.

Overall: Price i paid was abit steep, good experience if u are looking for a more-than-comfort exercise. Not for beginners, please train first. See the tips below for preparation work!

1. Ask the organiser to arrange tpt to & fro hotel and office, not easy to locate
2. While cycling on mainroad, keep along curb, many heavy vehicles
3. Mid-year is super hot! Apply alot alot of sunblock and drink up often to keep hydrated
4. If the stretch gets too challenging, ask the guide to slow down, else they will carry on
5. DO NOT eat heavy lunch, the return stretch is not easy even though there are no slope
6. While passing through the villages, if you are chase by a dog, i was taught to slow down and use our water bottles to spit water to frighten them away, they are usually harmless, just loud. Avoid trying to cycle away fast, u may not win them :)
7. Do some training before hand
8. Enjoy yourself, dont just peddle! :)
A great adventure
Written: Jul 19, 2018 | Event date: July 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
A friend and I did the half day trail ride. There was just the 2 of us and our guide. Absolutely loved splashing through the mud and water. The first half of the ride was on tracks and we had great experiences visiting a goat farmer, rubber plantation and the big dam. The riding was technical at times, so this is not for inexperienced or young riders. The second half of the ride was on back roads which was easier as we started to fatigue. Tip of the day is to carry your mobile phone in a plastic bag in case you get a downpour like we did. No need for bike shorts or bike shoes, just runners/sneakers.
Nina H
Not a Tour For Amateurs!
Written: Mar 1, 2018 | Event date: February 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
My sister, friend, and I did the “Bike and Kayak Rural Phuket” tour in February. While the scenery on this tour was beautiful, the level of biking required was for advanced bikers. This was not advertised in the description. While the three of us are in good shape, we struggled immensely in the heat and the mostly uphill cycling on the hot asphalt.

Our tour guide was very nice, but did not give us an overview of what we would be seeing on the tour. We also stopped infrequently considering the extreme heat. There was very little commentary about what we were seeing, just the occasional pointing and saying, “pineapple.” We were also not told how long it was to our next destination, we just followed the guide on our bikes.

It was so hot and we were overheating. My friend had to have the company call the van and take her back to the hotel as she was in the beginning stages of heat exhaustion. When I returned to our hotel that afternoon, I was in full blown heat exhaustion including vomiting. I was so ill, I had to skip the island tour we had planned the next day.

This tour is not for your average bike rider. Again, our guide was very nice and friendly. Just be prepared for uphill, rigorous, heat-filled biking and little commentary.
SpiceRoads Cycling responded to this review
Responded Mar 3, 2018
Many thanks for taking your time sharing us this valuable feedback. We will definitely take your thoughts into account in order to make some improvement in the future. We are truly sorry to hear about your friend and yourself for the unwell being during and after the tour. We truly hope that you two are well recovered now.
Best regards,

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