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Year established: 2008
Type: Operator
No of employees: 38
No of tours: 1
Destinations: 1

About company

Chernobyl Tour was founded in the year 2008 and is based out of Kyiv, Ukraine. The tour operator organizes two kinds of tours - scheduled tours, and individual tours, within the Chernobyl Zone.


This rare tour is focused on scientific learning, and is organized by an association of experts who have dedicated themselves to studying the effects of radiation in the affected area of Chernobyl. Whether you are a science enthusiast or a tourist, these are the tours you can join in order to go to Chernobyl and observe the environment on your own.


A visitor testimony on their website forum said the following "I had a fantastic time on the 2-day tour! My favorite sites were the Ferris Wheel and the Duga-1 Radar! And I had a great time! Many thanks to Igor and his driver for this extraordinary trip." They get visitors from around the world and are one of the most preferred operators in the area. They are well-known among tourists to be recommended for this particular tour.


The primary objective of Chernobyl tours is to eliminate the myths and the confusion regarding the affected area and its effects on people. The experts here organize seminars and hold numerous lectures on the subject, which are very educational in nature and help you understand the incident, the effects of radiation post-incident, and more. These are organized directly on the site and the training is delivered which includes tips on dealing with radiation, surviving in case of man-made disasters like this one, precautions to take, understanding how radiation works and its effects on humans, and much more.


The tour operator also organizes a special tour named HBO TV Tour. This tour is guided by the Chernobyl experts who have been a witness to the incident. In this tour, one can visit the real locations which include places like the basement of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant housing, the liquidation headquarters in the first days after the explosion of the fourth power unit; the fire department, where the first firefighters got the first signal of the disaster, the medical unit of Pripyat, which received the first victims and many more. Access to all these locations under the guidance of the experts who have been studying the disaster will give you a memorable and educational experience.


All the tours organized by the operator are safe and they maintain absolute radiation safety of the tourists. During the tour, they teach important lessons of radiation survival. There is also an aerial tour that can be availed for anyone who wants to have a bird's eye view of the zone.

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  • Kyiv, Ukraine


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