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Light and Land

Light and Land

Types of adventures:
Year established: 1994
Type: Operator
No of employees: 20
No of tours: 29
Destinations: 15

About company

Set up by Charlie Waite and Sue Bishop, two world-renowned landscape and nature photographers with a vision to pass on their extensive knowledge in the world of landscape photography, Land and Light is United Kingdom's most premier photography tour company. Established over 25 years ago, the company has grown exponentially with a repeat booking rate of over 93%, and rightfully so.

From destinations ranging from Morocco to Iceland, Romania to Switzerland, Italy to Denmark and more, Light and Land’s tours come with the most iconic scenic beauty and two world-class nature photography experts. The tours are designed to give useful skills and exposure to the visitors who are out there to explore the natural world through their lens.

With the guides specializing in photo tours, each Light and Land tour is organized and crafted for a specific purpose, with learning being a key takeaway. The travelers are tutored by an expert photographer, to give the audience a knowledgeable experience of the locality they are in. Some of the noted tutors are Andy Farrer, Astrid McGechan, Charlie Waite, Phil Malpas, Clive Minnitt, Adrian Beasley and many more noted photographers.


Flag of MoroccoMorocco
No of tours: 1
Rating in Morocco :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of ItalyItaly
No of tours: 5
Rating in Italy :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of RomaniaRomania
No of tours: 1
Rating in Romania :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland
No of tours: 1
Rating in Switzerland :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of IcelandIceland
No of tours: 1
Rating in Iceland :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of FranceFrance
No of tours: 2
Rating in France :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom
No of tours: 8
Rating in United Kingdom :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of DenmarkDenmark
No of tours: 1
Rating in Denmark :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of United StatesUnited States
No of tours: 2
Rating in United States :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of CroatiaCroatia
No of tours: 1
Rating in Croatia :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of SloveniaSlovenia
No of tours: 1
Rating in Slovenia :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan
No of tours: 2
Rating in Kyrgyzstan :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of Czech RepublicCzech Republic
No of tours: 1
Rating in Czech Republic :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of BulgariaBulgaria
No of tours: 1
Rating in Bulgaria :
Types of adventures: Photography
Flag of SpainSpain
No of tours: 1
Rating in Spain :
Types of adventures: Photography
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$ 6319
Colorado photography tour

United States

12 days

Rating in United States
$ 2780
Tuscany Photography Tour


7 days

Rating in Italy
$ 1390
Aarhus photography tour


4 days

Rating in Denmark

Client's Reviews

Nadia I
One of the best photography tours company I know!
Written: Dec 12, 2018 | Event date: December 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
Excellent pre/ during/ and after the workshop service and communication. Great tutors/ workshop leaders. Very good accommodation and tours organisation. I would highly recommend this company for any kind of photography levels.
Touring Cornwall’s “Wild West”
Written: Nov 6, 2018 | Event date: October 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
Photographing the rugged and beautiful coasts of Cornwall had been on my personal bucket list for some years, so I was especially excited to join Light & Land's "Wild West" Cornwall tour this past fall. I journeyed from Canada to join this tour and was certainly not disappointed.

The tour was five days in duration. The days were busy with early starts but extremely enjoyable and engaging throughout. I felt each day's activities were paced just right in terms of time spent at each shoot location, and the locations themselves were very well chosen. To me, the locations represented the best of what Cornwall had to offer for the particular area we were in.

HUGE kudos go to our remarkable tour leaders, Phil and Clive. They were beyond excellent (if that's possible), and were incredibly thorough, patient, meticulous, humorous and friendly. They really made me feel welcome on the tour. Our two leaders instilled a sense of fun and lightheartedness in the tour, which made for great camaraderie within the team. We had a fairly harmonious team on this tour; everyone had a good spirit and seemed to bond. Clive and Phil expertly guided our group with their excellent mix of photographic/technical experience and general knowledge of the Cornwall shoot locations.

Emily, based in the Light and Land office, was awesome in every way. I have never met Emily in person but had communicated with her via email off and on for the last few years regarding various upcoming tours. Emily is incredibly efficient, prompt, detail oriented and friendly; every query I had regarding the upcoming Cornwall tour was promptly and thoroughly answered. Earlier this year I had a bit of trouble paying for the Cornwall tour on the Light & Land site as I was a North American client without a Visa debit card. To resolve this issue Emily made special arrangements for me to pay with a credit card. Also, she booked an extra night for me at the Penzance hotel as I stayed there for a short while after the tour ended.

From start to finish the Cornwall "Wild West" tour was such a positive and memorable experience for me, and I cannot recommend Light & Land highly enough. So far I've taken only one tour with them but I definitely will be signing up for more in the years to come. Their tour locations are fascinating and their tour leaders and staff can't be beat!
Exhibiting and Selling Landscape Photography
Written: Oct 28, 2018 | Event date: October 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
This was a two day full on, intensive workshop which covered all aspects related to getting your images into galleries. Luke offers a constructive, forthright and honest assessment of the art market. Charlie gives a photographers view on the subject as well as good advice on taking landscape images. This workshop is a must for anyone thinking of selling their images.
Cesca D
Bosham -- Exhibiting and Selling Landscape Photography
Written: Oct 19, 2018 | Event date: October 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
This workshop exceeded my expectations. Charlie and Luke are a great double act, with Luke giving us nitty gritty advice on selling our work, and Charlie providing technical guidance on both setting up a shot, and post processing to achieve the best results. Apart from their generosity in sharing their expertise, they clearly wanted us to succeed in producing our best work and getting it sold.

The rest of the group were lovely, and the accommodation perfect. I will definitely be doing more Light & Land workshops, and would strongly recommend the Bosham workshop for any photographer interested in selling their work.
Matt G
Exhibiting and Selling Images Workshop - Bosham
Written: Oct 19, 2018 | Event date: October 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
I could not imagine a combo better than Charlie Waite and Luke Whitaker for this 2 day course. The perfect pairing opened our eyes and convincingly started our journey into being artists and not mere photographers.

The course covered many areas, many of which were enlightening if not revelationary. Step by step we walked through defining ourselves as artists and landing on our style, the art market and trends, the use of an artist statement, supporting text for images and so on.

Many practical areas were covered - such as curration, framing, pricing, approaching galleries, legal agreements, the selling process, meet the artist events and the list goes on.

Luke, being not only Charlie's agent but the owner of Bosham Gallery, had a wealth of experience and knowledge that would not be given so freely by others.

Charlie, well, I need not say much here. A master of his art, warm, friendly and sincere.

In addition to all of the above, Luke helped plan our next steps to ensure we had clear goals before leaving and Charlie gave a critique of our portfolio images. What a great opportunity! The review was in a group environment, not as scary as it sounds! But there was an option to review one to one if preferred. For me the review helped my confidence and gave a couple of specifics to work with. Group feedback also helped understand my strongest portfolio images - not always easy when you're personally invested and have spent too long looking at the same images!!

On the last afternoon Charlie took us for a walk around Bosham harbour and gave us a fascinating insight into how he reviews a scene and the many considerations - including how the image and format changes by moving around the harbour (e.g. moves from being a thin panoramic to something more traditional as you move from the side to front on.

I've covered a lot here but now need to get back to reviewing the many pages of notes...and getting on with my plans!!

If you're thinking about taking your art to It's full realisation - this is it. You won't regret it.

My thanks to Luke & Charlie.
Light and Land responded to this review
Responded Dec 17, 2017
Hi Cathy

thank you so much for your detailed and very constructive review, we really do appreciate your time in writing this, it is so helpful for others to hear about our clients' experiences.
Delighted to hear that you enjoyed this workshop and we hope to see you again soon on another workshop or tour?
Kind regards
Bosham Gallery - Exhibiting and selling photographs.
Written: Oct 18, 2018 | Event date: October 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
I booked this tour with Light and Land but was apprehensive about it. I needn’t have worried. This is by far the best photography workshop that I have attended. It was unique in that we were taken from the point of taking to the photograph to exhibiting and selling it. The clue is in the name. It is a two day all inclusive intensive workshop.

Luke was full of suggestions and ideas. He did not sugar coat his words and I really appreciated it. Woolly feedback never helps with growth. The postcard idea from Luke was fantastic. I plan to put it into action this Christmas. Luke took us through the business aspect of photography. This is very important as, at the very least, most of us want the photos to pay for the photography and even food on the table. The idea was to take a photographer and churn out an artist.

Charlie, on the other hand, spoke about the art. He critiqued our photos and helped us grow. His talk about marketing when planning an exhibition was brilliant. He took us through assessing a scene and arriving at a piece or art that has both artistic and commercial value was brilliant and very much needed.

I must add that this workshop may not be useful for a complete beginner who wants to learn the basics of photography. It is telling that I took 30 pages of notes in 2 days, which is a lot lot more than I have taken in a medical conference lasting 4 days.

A course thoroughly enjoyed, appreciated and recommended.
Beautiful Bosham - Landscape Workshop 8 March
Written: Apr 1, 2018 | Event date: March 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
This was my first workshop with Light and Land and I was extremely pleased with the whole day. I enjoyed the opportunity to spend a short session at the beginning where Luke shared some of his photographs and took us through the format for the day. The opportunity to walk around the area with an experienced and local photographer made a big difference - highlighting good areas for photographs and also explaining how the light would work during the day. I felt I learned a lot about just looking around me and taking time to think about the image I wanted to capture and not feel that I just had to keep snapping away. There were a few of us in the workshop but Luke was very approachable and made sure he paid attention to all of us. Lovely people, lovely day.
"Exhibiting and selling landscape images" - turning your wish into a plan
Written: Mar 29, 2018 | Event date: March 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
Informative, insightful and inspiring - this workshop provided essential guidance on topics including: artist identity, the importance of finding a clear theme for your work, identifying which photographs have potential to sell, how to talk to galleries (when seeking representation), the do's and don'ts of framing, and much more. Luke Whitaker (owner of the Bosham Gallery) and Charlie Waite (photographer) are experts in their field and show a genuine readiness to offer practical advice and encouragement to help you find the right path. My thanks to both.
Anne H
Exhibiting& Selling Landscapes
Written: Mar 17, 2018 | Event date: March 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
Amazing experience! Thank you Luke Whitaker and Charlie Waite for two great days where we explored all aspects from the creative to the commercial element and everything in-between.You have been so generous sharing your vast knowledge and experience with us as a group and on an individual basis, in a beautiful environment. I am inspired to take my work to the next level.
Thank you
Groundbreaking! Exhibiting & Selling Landscapes
Written: Mar 14, 2018 | Event date: March 2018 | Source: tripadvisor.com
Groundbreaking! This workshop was full on and came at the right time for me. Either Luke Whitaker and Charlie Waite as course leader would have been awesome on their own but together, the best value workshop you will get! Thought provoking, strategic, practical and enormously enjoyable. This workshop delivered way beyond my expectations. Roseanne

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