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Untamed Borders

Untamed Borders

Types of adventures:
Jeeping Rafting / kayaking / sailing Skiing Multi Trekking  +  walking Culture Universal
Type: Operator
No of tours: 33
Destinations: 9

About company

Untamed Borders offers bespoke trips and small group tours to some of the world’s most interesting and inaccessible places.

We specialise in trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, former Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus, but also arrange bespoke trips to other off-the-beaten track destinations. Untamed Borders uses specialist local guides throughout whose aim is to provide authentic and original experiences for all our guests. Please join us on one of our small group itineraries or contact us to arrange a bespoke adventure.

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Flag of PakistanPakistan
No of tours: 4
Rating in Pakistan :
Types of adventures: Jeeping Multi Trekking  +  walking
Flag of RussiaRussia
No of tours: 5
Rating in Russia :
Types of adventures: Jeeping Culture
Flag of TajikistanTajikistan
No of tours: 2
Rating in Tajikistan :
Types of adventures: Trekking  +  walking
Flag of AfghanistanAfghanistan
No of tours: 9
Rating in Afghanistan :
Types of adventures: Rafting / kayaking / sailing Skiing Trekking  +  walking Culture
Flag of IraqIraq
No of tours: 5
Rating in Iraq :
Types of adventures: Skiing Universal
Flag of SomaliaSomalia
No of tours: 4
Rating in Somalia :
Types of adventures: Multi Trekking  +  walking Culture
Flag of EthiopiaEthiopia
No of tours: 2
Rating in Ethiopia :
Types of adventures: Jeeping
Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
No of tours: 1
Rating in Saudi Arabia :
Types of adventures: Culture
Flag of KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan
No of tours: 1
Rating in Kyrgyzstan :
Types of adventures: Multi
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Company tours

Marathon of Afghanistan 2018
Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking


Rating in Afghanistan
Trekking the Wakhan, Afghanistan
Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking


Rating in Tajikistan
Wild Siberia: Western Tuva Add-On


Rating in Russia