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Types of adventures:
Jeeping Multi Camping Biking Safari
Year established: 1983
Type: Operator
No of tours: 15
Destinations: 5

About company

Our Heritage
Established in 1983, Drifters has gone from strength to strength to become one of the most formidable forces in tourism in Southern Africa. Our philosophy is based on one of SUSTAINABILITY – the long-term assurance that whatever activity we conduct in any specific natural area must contribute to the conservation and to the well-being of the inhabitants of that area, thus ensuring that future generations will be able to visit those same areas and enjoy the same experience as did their parents before them. 

Drifters expansion has been gradual and calculated, and over the last 3 decades we have earned an enviable reputation for offering unbeatable value for money. Offering value for money however does not mean that we provide an inferior product; in fact, quite the contrary. Our packages are renowned for including far more than others on offer, and our vast infrastructure of Drifters owned vehicles, boats, canoes, adventure equipment and other resources mean that clients are able to enjoy the best of Africa without added expense.

Our Product
All of our tours are inclined toward the interesting and often unique fauna and flora of Africa and for this reason we often leave the beaten track to explore remote areas where little or no familiar infrastructure exists. In these areas we generally camp, but all equipment is supplied, and no previous experience is necessary. All that you need to bring along is a sense of adventure and the clothes you will wear. (For the camping tours you also need to bring your sleeping bag!) When we enter built-up areas where facilities exist, we use Lodges, bungalows or small hotels. Drifters tours are based on twin shared accommodation, however we do not charge a single supplement for individual bookings.

Our Responsibility
Being Southern African owned and based, Drifters has a company registered in every country in which we operate and we employ large numbers of local people in all those countries. Clients can therefore feel assured that a percentage of their tour fee is in fact going directly to all those local communities. Drifters are also members of all major tourist associations and authorities, and are licensed and insured to operate throughout the region, thus ensuring accountability and providing clients with security and peace of mind.

Our Customers
Having said all this, all that remains is you, the client. We target adventure-minded people, who through their own active participation in the tours get maximum enjoyment. Our clients are normally down-to-earth people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe, who by choice have selected a camping safari in order to enjoy the maximum experience.
If you really wish to spend your time on an African safari with a small international group, and you relish the thought of an environmentally educative and adventurous experience where Roughing it and Loving it is the order of the day, then Drifters is your only choice.

Our Commitment to the Environment
For over three decades Drifters has been investing both physically and financially in numerous environmental and community projects, whilst we do not try to score cheap marketing points by claiming “Carbon Credits” and the like, clients travelling on our tours will witness first-hand results of our efforts – nature reserves we have created, extensive environments that we have rehabilitated, schools we have sponsored, and communities that we have incorporated into our business. Because we are in this for the long run, and we are serious about the quality of our product, and the service we offer our customers – but more importantly, we are serious about the sustainability of this beautiful continent of ours, and the wonderful experiences and memories it will provide for generations to come.


Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa
No of tours: 9
Rating in South Africa :
Types of adventures: Jeeping Multi Camping Biking Safari
Flag of NamibiaNamibia
No of tours: 2
Rating in Namibia :
Types of adventures: Jeeping Camping
Flag of KenyaKenya
No of tours: 1
Rating in Kenya :
Types of adventures: Safari
Flag of GhanaGhana
No of tours: 2
Rating in Ghana :
Types of adventures: Camping Safari
Flag of BotswanaBotswana
No of tours: 1
Rating in Botswana :
Types of adventures: Camping

Company tours

$ 2240
15 Day Botswana Tour Camping

South Africa

Rating in South Africa
$ 2103
12 Day Kenya / Tanzania Tour


Rating in Kenya
$ 3984
24 Day Cape Town to Johannesburg via Vic Falls Tour Accommodated

South Africa

Rating in South Africa

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