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Plan Your Ideal Angola Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Angola

Angola holiday destinations are diverse, just as the country itself that boasts forest-covered mountains, waterfalls, grasslands, savannas, the desert and the tropical beaches – all these areas in stark contrast with each other. Angola is home to a spectacular range of animals, rare species, bird life, flora and fauna, with many of these unique to the area. A typical Angola travel guide may feature the most popular tourist attractions such as its capital Luanda, a historic and scenic railroad, natural parks, as well as lots of museums, old colonial buildings and churches. However, there are many less-known natural areas which are great places for safaris and fun activities. For the more adventurous sort, Angola tours may include water sporting along the tropical beaches, and such activities as canoeing, paragliding, canyoning, rappelling, bungee jumping.

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Things to do and see in Angola: The Maiombe Forest

One of the most spectacular natural areas in Angola, known as the “Amazon of Africa”, the Maiombe forest is a wildlife sanctuary and a dream come true for animal lovers or anyone wishing to fully immerse themselves in the nature. Rare animals, birds, butterflies and woods such as ebony and mahogany; elephants, chimps, springboks, lions, antelopes and gorillas in stunning natural settings – if this is your vision of holidays in Angola, then you have made the right decision.

Namib Desert and the Arch Lagoon

The port town of Namibe with its beautiful fortresses and old churches offers a unique combination of Angola beach and desert, as well as the best access to Arco Lagoon. The Namib Desert is the oldest desert on earth, with sand dunes and rock formations shaped by nature over the years. These arch rock formations also gave the Arch lagoon its name. It is a peaceful oasis home to a diverse range of exotic wildlife, and a great place to see when you visit Angola.

Kissama National park

The most accessible National park in Angola, a picturesque savannah with baobab trees, it is located only 70km to the south of Luanda, and is home to many unique species – for instance, Black palanca antelope which can only be found in Angola, sea turtles, water buffalo, wildebeests, zebras, ostriches and giraffes.