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Antarctica Adventure Holidays

Even a kind knows that the continent of Antarctica is known as a land of snow, ice and cold. So what is the way to warm yourself up? The answer is outdoor activities, of course! Antarctica has so many thrilling ways to keep you active, that not only you will get warm, but feel the real rush of blood!

Kayaking adventure in Antarctica

If you are a kayaking frequenter, you will find the continent of Antarctica to be your heaven on Earth. The opportunities for kayaking are limitless and kayaks definitely exceed zodiacs in terms of getting you to the hard-to-reach areas. Providing you get close enough, you might even meet sea lions and whales, the perpetual inhabitants of the Antarctic waters, which is the best way to get close to the Antarctica’s wildlife without disturbing it. A kayaking adventure requires lots of stamina and endurance, but even more than that, it requires confidence on the water. The prices are biting hard, but that indescribable feeling of sliding through the water surface while surrounded by mighty icebergs is really worth it.

Skiing adventure in Antarctica

The continent is famous for its uncurbed fierce wildness. Imagine skiing in a frozen paradise with hundred feet thick snow cracking under your feet with your breath and heart beat being the only sounds surrounding. Sounds attractive? It might be a surprising fact for you, but the majority of terrain in Antarctica is unsuitable for skiing. This is due to loads of compacted snow packed into hard white mess scoured by winds all over the surface, making the areas situated in the lee of hills the only suitable options for a skiing tour.

Mountaineering holiday in Antarctica

The continent boasts a great variety of routes winding down in the Transantarctic Mountains. If you are an adventure-seeker ready to work out some sweat while discovering, you will find mountaineering to be a thrilling way to discover the magnificent world of mighty mountains. This activity requires endurance and you have to be prepared for trespassing rugged areas that include hills.

Helicopter tour in Antarctica

If have to  desire to have sweat break out on your forehead, but still want to get thrill when discovering Antarctica, a helicopter tour would be the perfect option for you! Antarctica was indeed blessed with seascapes and landscapes, and one of the ways to enjoy contemplating them