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Climbing & Mountaineering
Climbing & Mountaineering

Australia Adventure Holidays

All of you adrenaline addicts out there, seek no further, Australia is the place to satisfy all of your needs!

Bungee jumping

If you are an adrenaline-seeker with no fear of heights, you will find bungee jumping to be the perfect activity to make your adrenaline rush to a new level. The activity basically involves making a leap of faith with the rope attached to your ankles. The best place providing such an opportunity is Cairns where you will find yourself plunging down from a 50m-tall bungee tower. However, if you want your friends to die of jealousy, you might opt for even a more blood-pumping option involving a plane and a parachute.

Rafting adventure in Australia

Australia’s unspoiled nature can really keep one in thrall and rafting is a perfect way to get closer to wildness without disturbing it. So are you strong enough to tame the waters of Tasmania's Franklin River? At first, the adventure will be quite relaxed; you will enjoy contemplating picturesque landscapes as you slide through the white water, but they say ‘lull before the storm’…and the storm will not be not long in coming (not literally of course ;) ). Helmet— check! Lifejacket— got it! Your boat is about to enter the area of rapids and small rocks. Get ready, your rafting adventure is about to become extremely tough! Are you sure you have the guts to be Odysseus? Then wait no more and book your rafting tour.

Snorkeling holidays in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is famous for the diversity of its underwater life and crystal waters. If you are not afraid to make a deep plunge into water, you will be astounded by the beauty of the Australian marine life.  Snorkeling is rewarding.

Guided Walking Tour in Sydney

If you are in Australia and you have not visited Sydney Opera House, you must be shamed! Local agencies offer numerous tours with experienced guides who will reveal you all the secrets surrounding the opera’s perplex construction. The guide will take you behind the curtain where you will be able to have a look at the biggest pillar-free chambers and the vaulted ceiling — areas restricted to usual visitors.

Ziplining adventure

Tasmania boasts one of the most state-of-the-art zipline rollers coasters, which will definitely make your blood rush while also adding some fun which makes you feel like a child. Enjoy contemplating the nature while flying across the treetops of Tasmania's vibrant forests full of wild life.