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Plan Your Ideal Bulgaria Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Active Travel

Those keen on outdoor activities and extreme sports will consider Bulgaria as paradise. You will be astonished by the variety of choice of activities when you visit the country, some of the most popular ones are:

2 in 1: food tasting and cultural walking tours in Sofia

Having plenty of elegant squares and monuments, Sofia is a dream to discover .This food and culture walking tour is a perfect combination enabling you to explore Bulgarian traditional cuisine and Sofia’s sights at the same time. Wander Sofia’s center boasts magnificent architecture to see numerous landmarks of the city including the National Theater and the Presidency building. On your way, taste the samples of local ‘shopska’ cucumber as well as traditional yogurt drink ‘ayran.’

Rila monastery bike tour from Sofia

Indulge yourself in a bike ride on village roads accompanied by spellbinding views of Rila Mountains as well as Rila monastery! You will do a 20 km bike ride while contemplating mighty mountains, lush vineyards and rural village life. The next stop is the most famous in Bulgaria monastery – Rila with the local guide telling you the history behind the place. Last but not least, you will take a stroll to the cave of St. Joan of Rila and then descend down the valley.

Boat adventure with fishing activity from Bansk

Being surrounded by coniferous forests, the Dospat Lake boasts diverse flora and fauna with geography offering breathtaking sights. Yes, the nature of the lake is indeed irresistible and a boat trip on its waters is something you definitely do not want to miss out on.  The diversity of fish is almost limited: trout, rudd, carp, to name a few. Upon arrival, you will spend some time fishing with the lunch break followed by visiting a nearby Ognianovo village. Ognianovo is a village located in the western part of the Rhodope Mountains combining rural tourism with spa. There are 24 thermal springs available in the region which are considered to be an effective remedy for the treatment of various diseases.

Sea kayaking adventure in Bulgaria

I bet you would not want to miss the chance to enjoy the mighty cliffs of Kavarna and battle the waves of the sea, do you?

If you are keen on this idea, then Trip Kavarna’s thrilling kayaking tour will be the climax of your holiday! Whether you have opted for a full-day tour along the magnetic coastline, or a half-day tour from the Bolata cove around the legendary Cape Kaliakra, you are guaranteed to get unforgettable impressions from this kayaking experience!