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Cambodia Highlights KCH


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Cambodia active travel 

If you feel it high time you broke away from the daily routine and had some refreshing and thrilling experience, Cambodia has plenty to offer!

Quad tour in Cambodia

Have you ever wanted to escape to some place the modern world has not sprawled its tentacles onto? Then experience a quad tour to the tiny Cambodian villages and settlements. A quad is the only way to explore the hard-to-reach areas of Cambodian wild nature. You will have a chance to interact with locals and experience their untouched by civilization rural lifestyle. Rush through the rice fields and feel yourself an integral part of the wildness surrounding you.

Hot air balloon trip in Cambodia

This kind of activity is comparatively expensive, but this is the one that can take your adrenaline to the highest possible level. Angkor is the historical sport definitely worth visiting. As you swipe through the skies, you will enjoy contemplating the city’s historical landmarks as well as the magnificent Cambodian country stretching out as far an eye can see.

Hiking and trekking tours in Cambodia

If you have a never-dying interest in exploring and discovering cultural aspects of a place, you cannot miss out on visiting the world-famous Angkor temples. There is hardly any other way to explore the wild area rather than on your two. If you are not scared of long challenging routes, pack your bag and hit the road for ever-changing landscapes!

Сuisine tour in Cambodia

Who of us would not apply the word ‘foodie’ to himself? If you are one of us, there is a perfect chance for you to combine learning the local culture with one of the most pleasant things in the world — food ;). The streets of Siem Reap offer travelers Khmer cuisine, one of the oldest in the world. The local guide will reveal you all the secrets of the Cambodian cuisine and tell you about the curative proprieties of some of the local herbs and ingredients.  Be prepared to experience all the variety of Cambodian cuisine ranging from delicious skewered meat, green mango the locals eat with chili and salt to fried tarantulas and crickets (crunchy, remind of chips).

Zipline adventure in Cambodia

Feel yourself a child screaming from excitement as soar through the tops of the trees. The only spot to experience ziplining is the Gibbon in Siem Reap. The place features 10 zip lines and a 50-metre rappel descent, so if you want to have your heart popping out of your chest, a zipline adventure is right for you!