Canada adventure travel

If you are an adrenaline-seeker, Canada, providing numerous possibilities to take your adrenaline up to a new level, is the right place to give you what you are craving for!

Helicopter-skiing adventure in Canada

Canada is famous for its hefty mountains covered with a thick layer of snow in winter, reminding of some fairy land. The scenery is really impressive. Now imagine contemplating the landscape from above. Attractive? Once a helicopter has taken you to the highest peak, it is high time you landed on your feet and started sliding down. The helicopter might take you to the place of your desire; the skiing opportunities in Canada are truly ceaseless.

Horseback-riding trip in Canada

If you are always up for wild nature exploring, head for Yukon! The area is dotted with lakes and features magnificent views. If you want to become closer with Canada’s wild life, there is no better way to do that rather than on a back of a reliable horse. The local companies provide horseback-riding trips across the entire territory.

Sky-diving holiday in Canada

If you have plucked up all of your courage and made bold to perform sky-diving, you can say that your holiday was indeed extreme! When it comes to blood-rushing activities, sky-diving is definitely the leader. It is basically the process of going into free fall hoping your parachute will not fail to open in the right moment…well, you did want some extreme, did you not?

Mountain biking tour in Canada

If you are keen on biking, head to the South Chilcotin. The routes in this area boast some of the best terrain in the country. Following a ride through the breath-taking alpine meadows, refresh yourself by taking a dip in a blue-water alpine lake. The place offers many experienced guides to accompany you on your way.

Rafting adventure in Canada

One more kind of sport to challenge yourself and ensure your adrenaline soars in the sky. The most revered places for rafting tours amongst tourists are Bow Valley and Camore. The activity is more than challenging and requires lots of stamina and endurance. However, you can always settle back and just enjoy the scenery. (hoping fellas next to you do not mind rowing while you are resting)