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Rating in Cape Verde
$ 2140


Walking Holiday on the Captivating Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde

13 days

Trekking + walking
Rating in Cape Verde
$ 2315
Captivating Cape Verde - Walking Holiday

Cape Verde

11 days

Trekking + walking

The Best Cape Verde Holiday Deals for a Relaxing Beach Pastime

Cape Verde islands holidays can feature a variety of scenarios, as each island is different from the other and offers different attractions. However, each of these scenarios includes some form of relaxing by the sea, and that’s what they have in common. With miles of sandy beaches, Cape Verde package holidays are a perfect retreat. Whether your favorite holiday activity is exploring underwater caves and reefs, or watersports, or hiking among volcanic landscapes, climbing and fishing, Cape Verde vacation will be the time of your dreams. Check out special Cape Verde deals for picking an ideal location for a classic beach resort holiday or, if you are looking for a dash of action, choose from the exciting trips and activities available. You can even sometimes find Cape Verde last minute offers that are just too god not to grab and enjoy.


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Things to do and see in Cape Verde: 

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing
The windy conditions November through June make Cape Verde islands an ideal place for sailing, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Along with diving and snorkeling, they make for a good reason why Cape Verde resorts shouldn’t see you spending your entire holiday just lazing on the beach.

Volcanic Things
The Pico de Fogo volcano is the main Cape Verde islands attraction and a must-see for all outdoor and hiking enthusiasts. The black sand is also of volcanic origin, but it doesn’t just make the beaches look exotic – swimming on the black beaches is considered to have a good overall health effect and even a pain relieving effect due to minerals such sand contains.
One of the most exciting and rewarding activities to indulge in, from beach fishing and rock fishing to deep sea fishing – choose and custom tailor your own experience with different kinds of fishing trips available.