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Plan Your Ideal China Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in China

China Adventure Holidays

What makes China so unique a country is its combination of modern cities and rich ancient history, the unity of two different words. If you are looking to learn the culture, take a look at one of the world’s best monuments and also have lots of fun, welcome to China.

Kayaking adventure in China

If you are looking to get relaxed on your trip, you will definitely enjoy the kayaking adventure on the waters of the Li River. The river’s waters are calm and you will find yourself surrounded with lush green creating the feeling of serenity. The kayaking trip lasts around 3 hours and includes a break in the ancient Liugong village.

Walking and trekking tours in China

Are you ready to walk till the point of perspiration? When it comes to walking tours, you will be lost as for where to begin. China boasts indeed landscapes with its wild forests with untamed animals, rocky hills and mighty mountains. Hikers spend many years discovering areas with many of them remaining still unexplored. One of the most challenging walking tours is the so-called "Roof of the World" route, where you meet ascetics living in Sera Monastery.

Diving holidays in China

If you are keen on exploring the underwater world, you cannot miss out on diving holidays in Zhejiang. The world-famous Thousand Island Lake has a giant city hidden in its waters. Once exciting Lion City went under water due to the flood and has been one of the main China’s attractions for divers ever since. If you are courageous enough to get as deep as 24 meters, you will be rewarded with the findings of the eerie remains left by the once prospering city. Explore the new routes through the ancient submerged buildings.

Kiteboarding adventure in China

Those who crave the adrenaline rush should indulge themselves in a kiteboarding adventure in the province of Fujian, which is a combo of speed, thrill and unforgettable impressions. The powerful winds of the area create perfect conditions for you to enjoy flips and mega high jumps.

Rock climbing holidays in China 

If you are seeking to push yourself to your very limits, the climbing freaks will find Yangshuo to be the paradise on earth. This spot features around 80 routes designed to cater for every level of climbing all ability levels. The beginners will be taught all basic climbing skills while the most advanced climbers will have a chance to conquer the most challenging cliffs.