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Trekking holiday in Cuba


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Cuba active holidays

Cuba is a country too good to stay in the hotel the entire day. It would be a shame if you did not indulge yourself in any outdoor activities. I suggest that you grabbed a pair of sturdy shoes with you and get active. Cuba has plenty of activities to offer:

Scuba diving holiday in Cuba

Those in favour of sea and sun will find Cuba their paradise on Earth. The country boasts magnificent beaches islands, and if you are seeking to get active, Cuba can offer numerous sites suitable for diving. Get prepared to be astonished by the variety of colorful coral reefs and underwater life of the sea.

Hiking tour in Cuba

Hiking trails in Cuba are short, as a rule, stretching for not more than five kilometers with routs often being unmarked, so if unless u were born with an inner compass or you are perfectly acquainted with the area, you might want to need a guide’s help. If you are a beginner knowing little about hiking tours, your destinations would be Las Terrazas with comparatively easy-level tours. However, if you are a serious hiker seeking challenges, I suggest that you head for the Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra, the Cuba’s highest peak. Independent hiking is prohibited.

Sailing adventure in Cuba

Many tourists from all over the world arrive to Cuba for the sake of swimming with some of them travelling here by their own boats.   Sailing tours also bask in popularity amongst visitors. The tour selected by you might last for a day, a week or even three weeks.

Skydiving adventure in Cuba

Let the skydiving adventure take your adrenaline up to a new level. You can make either a solo or a tandem jump from a small helicopter. Depending on where you stay, after observing Cuba from the bird’s-eye height, you might find yourself landing on a beautiful coastline. If you have a chance, I would highly recommend you to visit the Varadero International Skydiving Center.