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Plan Your Ideal Cyprus Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Cyprus

Cyprus Active Travel

Tired of stress and crazy everyday pace of city dominating your life? Adventure sports infrastructure is well-developed in Cyprus, the country boasts stunning views and now add amiable attitude amongst Cypriots on top! All this makes Cyprus a perfect place for breaking away from the daily chores and replenish your stamina! 

Walking tour in Cyprus

The Forestry Department has developed a great variety of routes within the state forests in different parts of the island, from the southeast Cape Grekot to the western peninsula Akamas. The trails have been carefully selected to cover the area of utmost cultural interest. The majority of trails are marked with signposts indicating the starting point of the route and also some flora along the route. Even though a walking tour in Cyprus can be done during all seasons, the best time for this would be late Autumn.

Jeep tour in Cyprus

Take a jeep tour to see the wild forests of the central Troodos Mountains in flesh. This venue is the highest landscape of Cyprus the distinguishing feature of which are volcanic peaks reaching elevations between 1500m and 1900m. To make your life easier, you will the destination on jeep going off-the-beaten-track trough well-maintained dirt tracks and small asphalt roads. The jeep tour includes a few stops in villages where you will be able to wander amongst the pines and vineyards defining the unspoiled beauty of the island.

Scuba diving holiday in Cyprus

Crystal clear warm waters of Cyrus make it a perfect place for scuba diving adventure. The suitable temperatures make it nearly the longest diving season in the Mediterranean. One more benefit is the absence of plankton in the waters which provides a good visibility.  Amphitheatre diving venue is the most popular diving site which apart from the splendid rock formations also offers a varied marine life to explore; cuttlefish, sea stars, eels, to name a few.

Rock climbing adventure in Cyprus

Are you ready to feel the rush of blood getting your adrenaline to a new level? Cyprus provides numerous options to choose from depending on your level of skills. If you are on holidays in Paphos and want to experience this thrilling sport, take an easy-level rock climbing course specially created for beginners.

Skiing adventure in Cyprus

Are not only the Troodos mountains worth visiting in hot summer but also but also in winter, as for Cyprus this is the skiing centre. The Troodos mountains include a total of 4 km of slopes with the ski resorts reaching up to 1951 m. So pluck up your courage and venture to go on a skiing adventure in the Troodos mountains!