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Egypt Holiday Packages For Any Taste, Company And Budget

Egypt, one of the most popular holiday destinations, is unique in its diversity and availability of different ways to take delight in the Red Sea beaches, underwater views and sightseeing. As one seasoned traveler puts it, “If it weren’t for Egypt, you would have to go to the ends of the Earth and shell out big bucks to enjoy seascapes and diving experiences that beautiful.” Luckily, the great diving sites and lovely beaches in Egypt don’t require you to travel far away from the advantages and conveniences of the civilization, Wi-Fi and grand buffets. Plus, all of this is totally affordable and we can work with any budget.

Whether you prefer beach holidays, active holidays, or a combination of both, whether you like travelling alone, with a family or a big company of friends – you will find lots of things in Egypt to keep yourself and your companions entertained. There is a big choice of family-friendly resorts and hotels and various fun activities for kids. You can find many high value, action packed Egypt tour packages if you would like to visit all the best attractions including (but not limited to) the astonishing pyramids. There are Christmas holiday and Honeymoon Egypt packages, Diving, Safari and Cruise Ships tours, plus the best deals, discounts and other ways to save.

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Things to do and see in Egypt:

The Pyramids

The magnificent Pyramids of Giza are just as monumental, mysterious and impressive as ever, fascinating tourists and scholars alike for many years. However, there are about 115 other pyramids spread across the desert, so some people are quite content with visiting the famous Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza, others prefer to explore the less known pyramid sites.

River Cruises and Safaris

Cruises down the Nile River to visit some of the most popular ancient monuments are also something not to miss. The same is true of jeep, quad bike or camel desert safaris and overnight trips to enjoy the sunrise.

Marsa Alam

Natural attractions are just as tourist-beckoning in Egypt as the historical sites. The experienced scuba divers have always been coming to Marsa Alam, for the best diving, reefs, underwater seascapes and white sand beaches.

When you are looking for ways to spend less, but experience a lot, a trip to Egyptis the perfect solution. Whether you love picture-perfect beaches, safari adventures, fantastic historical sites, scuba diving or just sunbathing by the pool, click to explore more and get the best Egypt deals. If you still don’t see something that truly excites you, then you can simply choose to customize your tour with us.