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The Baltic Cruise That Is Right For You

Is it time for you to plan your next big adventure? Dreaming about some fresh and active adventures? Why not consider visiting Baltic countries. You will see lots of great tourist attractions, get to know more about the people and will have a wonderful possibility to enjoy stunning views and fresh sea air.  Already intrigued, right?

Just for the record, when it comes to Baltic capital trips, that is about visiting the capitals of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In fact, when it comes to Baltic or Scandinavian tours, there are many tourist packages to choose from. You can choose either cruises or bus/train/ tours.  The duration of tourist packages might vary as well.

The most popular Baltic cruises include the following:

No matter which package you choose, don’t forget to cover the best tourist attractions on your way.

Exploring the beauties traveling From Vilnius to Tallinn

Welcome to Vilnius, Lithuania. You can wander though this magnificent city, admire its beauties and visit the KGB Museum, where you will be able to learn more about Vilnius’ history and its people.

After that why not to drive to Pakruojis Manor via Trakai Castle and Kaunas? It’s great to stay overnight there enjoying a traditional dinner with classical beer tasting in Pakruojis Manor. Don’t forget to take your camera with you either; tons of picturesque landscapes are waiting for you.

Afterwards, it’s great to head for Riga, Latvia. But on our way, don’t pass by the Hill of Crosses because the views are simply amazing.

When you arrive to Riga, head for a small city tour.

The next day you can spend all day enjoying Riga at full: walking through its beautiful streets, taking pictures and enjoying local beverages and food. Don’t forget to visit the Europe's largest market to discover its smells and tastes.

Anyway, there’s so much you can see and enjoy in this Baltic Capital Cities tour!

So, in short your Baltic capitals tour program can include the following:

  1. Vilnius, Lithuania: city admiring
  2. Vilnius exploring + KGB Museum
  3. Pakruojis Manor via Trakai Castle and Kaunas
  4. Hill of Crosses + Riga
  5. Riga Central Market
  6. Tallinn, The seaside city of Parnu
  7. Tallinn + the Bastion Tunnels
  8. Tallinn

So, when you are going to book your big Baltic holiday?