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Climbing & Mountaineering

Ethiopian Holiday Packages: Secrets and Peculiarities

Looking for a completely unique travel experience? Let’s check what the oldest independent country in Africa, Ethiopia, has to offer. They say this country may well be the beginning of mankind, so we may count for multiple things to admire there. There are many places to visit in Addis Ababa, the capital, and across the country. Want to visit Ethiopia to find more about its history? Head for the historic sites, including the Ethiopian "Jerusalem" and the Debre Libanos Monastery. Want to admire views and the nature? Perform a trip to the Wenchi Crater Lake.



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Things to do and see in Ethiopia:

The Ethiopian "Jerusalem"

Wander through the ancient town of Lalibela, have a peak at the church, which is cut 40 feet down. By the way, in total, there are eleven solid rock churches in the town, which functions completely without vehicles.


The Debre Libanos Monastery

 Wander thorough the Monastery, check the recently opened Museum. Enjoy the stunning viewpoint of Addis Ababa and watch the beautiful landscapes. On the way to the hotel, you can also visit the old and historic churches.

The Wenchi Crater Lake

Have you ever been to a volcanic lake? It’s your chance! There are three possible ways to explore and admire the volcanic lake: on foot, by mule or on a boat trip. The Wenchi Crater Lake is a peaceful and picturesque place, which will not leave you indifferent. It’s a real must-see spot for everyone travelling to the West part of Ethiopia.