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Plan Your Ideal Georgia Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Georgia


They say the West is rough, but you will with pleasantly surprised with the Georgian hospitality always with locals being always glad to welcome tourists from all over the world. Not only will you learn the country's long rich history that has evolved over centuries but also have a chance to enjoy the smashing landscapes and experience a great variety of various fun activities!

Rafting adventure

If you are a water-lover, do not miss out on a rafting adventure. Georgia’s rivers vary from those easy to tame to the real beasts that will suck all your stamina out of you.  The calm rivers do not require any specific preparations making your journey completely safe and relaxed. If you are up for the real challenges, Rioni River, the wildest river in Georgia, is your destination.

Horseback riding tour

One of the best ways to explore the Georgian magnificent countryside is on the back of a reliable horse.  The Georgian horses are well-bred, surefooted and used to crossing hilly and rugged terrain, so if you want to explore the rocky area of the mighty North Georgia Mountains, be sure your 4-leg friend will deliver you safe and sound. The majority of horseback riding tours include crossing tiny rivers and wild estuaries and staying overnight in tents.

Skiing adventure

If you feel that just exploring the culture is not enough for you and you are seeking to make your heart racing like mad, you have a chance to have your adrenaline taken to a new level with a skiing adventure. The most revered spot amongst visitors is Gudauri situated in the south of the country. The resort offers routes catering for all levels of abilities. If you are a skiing freak, you will find the most challenging slopes requiring all of your vitality and sucking all of the energy out of you. If you are ready to work to the point of perspiration, welcome to Gudauri!

Paragliding adventure

If you want to explore Georgia’s landscape in a thrilling way but are reluctant to waste your precious energy (common, we all are lazy in a way), there is a perfect option for you to explore and receive thrill in the simplest possible way — paragliding. You will have a chance to contemplate the mighty Georgian mountains, marvelous ridges and glaciers while enjoying the winding running through your hair! Booking is essential as the activity depends on weather conditions.