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Germany Adventure Holidays

In the last few decades, Germany has become the center of politics, economy and tourism. Each of the 16 states has its distinguishing characteristic with its magnificent Gothic town halls, castles, monuments and churches. However, Germany is not only about Cinderella-esque castles, ties to World War II and Oktoberfest. It also has a lot of blood- rushing activities to offer! Amongst which are:

Base flying adventure in Alexanderplatz

Berlin's Alexanderplatz is not only the largest public square and transport center in the central Mitte district of Berlin, but also a perfect place to get thrill from base flying!

Base Flying implies you plunging vertically to the ground from the 125-meter high Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz! The fly is secured by a special winch rappel system used by stuntmen, to the astonishment of spectators. Base Flying at Alexanderplatz is the fastest in the world winch that features a near free fall speed!

Experience a rafting tour in Bavaria

Experience an enjoyable day on the River Isar! Water riding has a deep-rooted tradition in Bavaria which dates back to the 12th century. The distinguishing feature of this tour is that it is Europe's longest raft slide, spanning some 365 metres in length. Enjoy music, Bavarian delicacies and fresh beer when drifting down the river. You will get the most excitement as you reach the notorious Georgstein; that is where you can get you beer splashed! Try taming the waves of the Isar on a rafting tour!

Pfalz rock climbing vacation

Located in West Germany, Rheinland Pfalz boarders with France, giving you access to one of the best rock climbing regions of the country. The area possess around 200 crags,120 sandstone towers and a perfect bouldering area of around 500 square kilometers, making adventurous rock climbing in Pffalz quite a for challenge you!

Scuba diving adventure in the Baltic Sea

Scuba diving adventure is a great experience for anyone seeking thrill and challenge. The lakes of the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg Lake Districts are the paradise for a diver! The great variety of lakes provides ceaseless possibilities to indulge in this hobby. There are also various diving opportunities in southern German waters or on the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts. Any local diving school will provide you with information and recommend special dives, depending on ability.