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Plan Your Ideal Ghana Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Ghana


Fancy performing a trip to Ghana Africa? Do you know that this country is sometimes called 'Africa for beginners’?

You’ll be amazed at this beautiful country as it offers numerous and extremely diverse holiday destinations, ranging from welcoming beaches, seaside settlements, diverse wildlife, to vibrant cities. Get to know more about its rich culture and gorgeous hinterland.

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Ghana tours and pictures
• Things to do and see in Ghana
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Ghana tours and pictures

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Things to do and see in Ghana:

Cape Coast Castle
Come and see the whitewashed castle overlooking the sea. It’s famous for being one of the world’s greatest slave-holding sites. See the slaves’ horrible living conditions and find out how they used to live here. Plus, you can also admire the panoramic sea views. For those who adore history, there’s an excellent museum, which will reveal some secrets about Ghana, the slave trade, and Akan culture.

Kakum National Park
Discover the best-preserved region of virgin rainforest in the country, Kakum National Park. Are you delightful to be above the treetops? You should try this! Spot wild animals, not to mention monkeys, elephants, and antelopes. By the way, there’s a good little museum and a cafe at the park entrance.

Beaches and water time activities
Fond of blue waters and gorgeous beaches? Ghana will make a wonderful destination for you. Enjoy the warm weather, welcoming beaches, which are ideal for the families traveling with kids. Sunshine, beaches and stunning views will not leave you indifferent if you are an avid water-lover.

Hiking-friendly mountains
Prefer active holidays? Go hiking in Ghana’s mountains and you will fall in love with this country. Watch beautiful landscapes and you are hiking.
NB! Make sure you check which vaccinations for Ghana are needed before going there.