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Plan Your Ideal Greece Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Greece

Greece Active Travel

Face the challenges of Greece! The country can offer everything you imagination will come up with. Pack your bags and hit the road for thrilling adventures around the country: scuba diving, skiing, windsurfing, sailing, trekking, horseback riding, touring, rock climbing, gorge crossing, hiking or just walking adventures…We have prepared  tours and activities which are ‘must-do’ in Greece.

Athens walking trip

Pack your sneakers and prepare for a different Athens walking tour, filled with emotions and memorable impressions. At first, you will discover the neoclassical trilogy of Athens comprising the University of Athens, the Academy and the National Library. These buildings also bear the names of the “temples of knowledge”. Your next step is strolling down the most vivid avenues of the city. Having passed the breathtaking Zappeion, your local guide will take you to the Arch of Hadrian and the temple of Olympian Zeus, the place where you will get to know the history standing behind these two magisterial monuments.

Climbing adventure in Kalymnos

Kalymnos is a perfect spot for a climbing adventure as it features 2,000 routes and a great number of tracts of area still left unexplored. You will be provided with equipment with permanent drilled-in bolts. While this activity does involve some risk, it is minute and is one of the safer forms of climbing.

Greece sailing adventure - Cyclades Islands

The Greece sailing adventure begins and ends in Santorini. The tour lasts 10 days guiding you through Santorini, Greece and eight other outstanding destinations in Greece. Enjoy the beauty of Mediterranean waters, have a swim in crystal clear seas, go back in time and feel the Venetian atmosphere while being surrounded by the architecture of Naxos, and learn about present-day rural life with a daytrip to a country village and indulge yourself in traditional local food and drinks.

Santorini helicopter flight adventure

Take your sightseeing to the new heights with by making a private Santorini helicopter flight. Get up into the sky and experience astounding views the postcard-perfect honeymoon island. The high will enable you to contemplate the cascading sugar-cube houses which Santorini is known for, and fly over Nea Kameni volcano as well as the island’s red-tinged beaches. The private helicopter seats up to five people plus the pilot. A helicopter flight adventure is a perfect way to make your vacation unforgettable!