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Guatemala Bike - Route of the Conquistadores


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Guatemala Active Holidays

Not only Guatemala offers green territories stretching as far as an eye can see, but also plethora of outdoors activities catering for every type of tourist. Whether you are looking to release accumulated energy, experience a rush of adrenaline or just have a relaxed journey, Guatemala provides numerous possibilities:

Hiking tour in Guatemala

Guatemala’s terrain, featuring volcanoes, forests and mountains, іs what one might call diversity. You might enjoy strolling down windy routes nearby the Lake Atitlan or challenge yourself and try to conquer the Agua Volcano. Hiking tour is probably the best way to explore the country’s impressive landscape from up-close. Guatemala boasts thirty-seven volcanic peaks, so if you are seeking to have your blood rushing, this is the chance. Conquering the peaking is definitely not a piece of cake, but it is always rewarding.

Caving adventure in Guatemala

If you are looking for blood-pumping experience, head straight for Kan'Ba Cave. The cave system lies in the heart of the Guatemalan jungles, which means that a guide is a necessity. All tourists are divided into groups guided through the dark labyrinth with the only source of light being the candle you are holding, not to mention crossing the rugged terrain, waterfalls and climbing rope ladders that will be navigating your way. Once your candle has died out, you will have to continue your journey in darkness…does it not scare you? Then this is the caving experience you should not miss out on!

Zipline and canopy tour in Guatemala

If you ever dreamed of swaying from one tree to another, zipline tour from Flores is right for you! You will have a close look at the country’s uncanny fauna and animals making a unique ecosystem.

Once you have fully recuperated, you might proceed to the canopy tour winding through the tallest trees. On your way, you will encounter exotic birds and astounding views.

Helicopter tour

Helicopter tour is one of the most expensive ways to discover the Guatemala’s landscape, however, the impressions you will receive are priceless. The country offers a great variety of tours depending on what your particular desire is. The usual flight trajectory includes flying over lakes, volcanoes peaks and with the unique destination being the Mayas lands.