Iceland Adventure Travel

Feel like breaking away from daily routine? Head to Iceland — country that offers some of the world’s best outdoor activities ranging from exploring the magma chamber of a volcano to summiting a glacier, not to mention the beauty of unspoiled nature. You are guaranteed to enjoy the scenery and work up a sweat in the most unexpected ways!

Cycling tour in Iceland

Iceland is famous for being one the most geologically active countries in the world. The landscape is mainly defined by rising glaciers, magnificent waterfalls, erupting geysers and long-stretching black lava fields. The country roads provide great opportunities for a cycling tour. The tour includes ‘must-visit’ places to visit amongst which are the mountains of Landmannalaugar, the notorious Eyafjallajokull Volcano and the mighty Skogarfoss Waterfall. Now add the perpetually changing views and landscapes on top and enjoy an unforgettable cycling tour.

Snowmobiling adventure in Iceland

Nothing trumps the experience of contemplating the south of Iceland from above! Indulge yourself in snowmobiling experience on the beautiful Mýrdalsjökull glacier — an icecap that covers one of Iceland’s biggest volcanoes, Katla. Try a snowmobiling adventure and tap into the world of wildness!

Hiking holiday in Iceland

There is no better way to explore the Iceland’s raw, natural landscapes than to hike across them. There is no limit to the options of hiking terrain: lava fields, meadows bursting with flowers, ice fields and black-sand deserts — Iceland has all of it. The well-trodden hiking trails vary from an hour to a week; the most popular hiking tours include crossing Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, Landmannalaugar and Skaftafell. As you see, the opportunities for hiking are truly endless; I suggest you pulled off to the side of the road and start your journey from where you have parked.

Scuba diving adventure in Iceland

Being a home to one of the world’s most unique places, Iceland has one prominent site for scuba diving – Silfra as well as some other revered spots around Pingvallavatn. Silfra holds the reputation of one of the best freshwater places in the world for scuba diving, boasting pale blue clear water and submerged lava formations.

Quad biking holiday in Iceland

Quad biking is an ultimate one. It will allow you to zip through the Icelandic Outback regardless of terrain or season. Quad biking holiday is a perfect choice if you want to go off the beaten track and experience off-roading through mountain trails and climbing steep hills on the side of stunning mountain tops. Enjoy the landscape change into wilderness during the summer and contemplate the northern lights over your head in winter.