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Plan Your Ideal India Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in India


India is the country where one of the most ancient cultures in world coexists with the marvels of the modern society. Whether you are seeking to learn the culture and discover India’s wonders or have lots of fun, India has something for everyone!

Caving adventure

Those tired of exploring landscapes might opt for a slightly different and definitely more thrilling experience —a caving adventure. The journey into caves is more physically demanding than you imagine, however, if you are not scared of challenges, you will get the ultimate satisfaction in terms of thrill and excitement. Those with most inquisitive minds should head to Meghalaya, the spot featuring the deepest in India caves.

Rock climbing adventure

If you need a dose of adrenaline, pluck up all of your courage and venture to go on a rock climbing adventure, one of the most blood-rushing entertainments. India boasts numerous locations in all parts of the country providing climbing opportunities for all abilities levels. Those new to this activity as well as climbing experts will find something suitable for them. The most revered places amongst avid climbers are Rohtang Pass and Dumdama.

Skiing holidays in India

No need to go to Alaska to have skiing holidays, India offers spots for you to put on skis and stretch your legs! The real skiing enthusiasts have a plethora of options to challenge themselves in Auli. The spot boasts 3km high-rise slopes at altitudes varying from 2000 to almost 4000 meters. Are you ready to get your heart pumping out of your chest?

Trekking tour

I suggest you took a pair of sturdy shoes, a hat and all of your stamina with you because there is no better way to explore India in detail than on your two! Those who want to discover India in all of its beauty cannot miss out on a trekking tour. The country is blessed with one of the most astounding trekking routes in the world. Those not willing to jump through hoops and have a comparatively relaxed tour should opt for Maharashtra; if you are an activity freak ready to push yourself t your very limit, the Ladakh range is your answer.

Rafting adventure in India

Are you ready to work out some sweat in order not to find yourself overboard? The Zanskar River is known as ‘the wildest’ river in India featuring crazy rapids. Seeking adrenaline? Then be ready to tame the ferocious waters!