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Due to its environment and nature, Indonesia can be described as paradise on earth and if you are looking to break away from daily routine and find yourself relaxing on a sun-lit beach, there is no better place. However, why be conventional? Except magnificent nature, Indonesia has a plethora of fun to offer!

Canyoning adventure

Do something none of your friends has ever done! If you are fit as a fiddle, possess lots of stamina, energy and not afraid of pushing yourself to your very limits, a canyoning adventure is an unforgettable experience to fill you with a huge dose of thrill. The activity is a combination of hiking and rappelling. The best part is dropping down in a canyon when surrounded by wild jungles and rushing waterfalls! The most popular destination for canyoning adventure is Kalimudah.

Paragliding holidays

Have you ever wondered what the feeling of soaring like a bird is like? Once in Bali, you will have a chance to experience that feeling. You will find yourself cruising above the island contemplating the beauty of the sun-lit coastline and lush landscapes. The warm wind running through your hair and the feeling of ultimate freedom will create a feeling that you are indeed on holiday!

Diving tour in Indonesia

If you need a strong shot of adrenalin in their bloodstream, why settle for adventures on the surface only? Those with good swimming skills and need for a dose of thrill cannot miss out on a diving tour in West Papua. The area boasts 610 islands and is blessed with vivacious underwater world. Want to chase after a sea-horse? Poke a see star? Have a close look at colorful reefs and various exotic fish? West Papua is the diving paradise for avid divers.

Trekking tour in Indonesia

The environment of Indonesia is mostly wild jungles, inhabited by exotic creatures unique to Indonesia: thousands of kinds of birds jumping from branch to branch rhinoceros, bearded pigs, to name a few. The best way to explore that wildness without disturbing it is on feet. Trekking tours are strenuous, so suggest you took a pair of good shoes with you as well as all of your stamina and hit the road for discovering!

Surfing holidays

Bali is one of the most favorite and revered spots in the world amongst surfing frequenters. The surfing courses cater for all ability levels with guided instructors ensuring your safety.  Pack your swimming suit and tame the warms waters of Bali!