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Rome & Puglia Family Adventure


9 days

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Tuscan Villa Family Adventure


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If you are craving adventures, Italy is the right place! There are numerous skydiving drop zones near Milan featuring magnificent mountain scenery as well as drops near Rome, San Marino, and more. Italy possesses a handful of daring routes and invigorating landscapes, so if you are an adrenaline rush-lover, get ready for adventures! Here are some of the most popular ones:


The coastline offers a wide circle of opportunities for those seeking to dive at all depths and see both a great variety of marine species, underwater formations, and even artifacts of civilization resting in deep waters, not to mention numerous underwater caves and microorganisms catching the eye. 

Crypts, Bones and Catacombs - Underground Tour

Pay a visit to the best-preserved catacomb: the Catacomb of Santa Priscilla. The tour is meant to make you go down into the layers of Roman history, and discover story of the city through the ages. The tour will allow you to do that in the most dramatic way by guiding you through the underground cemeteries and temples once inhibited by the city’s dead. A thrill for you is guaranteed! 

Snowshoeing in the Dolomites

Walk in Italy's most impressive mountain range, in the Alta Pusteria Valley! This zone is a perfect choice for snowshoeing. The routes will take you to Fanes-SennesNatural Park, along the shoreline of Lago di Braies. 

Follow the old military tracks leading you to the magnificent views of Durrakopfand Strudelkopf learning more about the influence of World War 1 in this area along the way.

Hidden Gems and Ancient Wonders of Rome

A local expert will guide you through the most remote corners of Rome, showing the unique places rarely seen by visitors. You will find yourself strolling down the original paving stones as your expert guide will be narrating stories of the prosperous empire that once clogged this great road every day. You will also have a chance to take a close look at the world-known Baths of Caracalla channeling water from the aqueducts into a public bathing area serving around 1,600 people at a time. 

Tandem Paragliding Experience 

Take a look at the Italian countryside from above while performing tandem paragliding with a professional. You can opt for a morning or afternoon session, travelling to the launch site at Tivoli, Rieti or Lake Bracciano to make the most of 50 minutes in the air. The rush of adrenaline will strike you the very moment you find yourself up in the air and will be substituted with relaxation as you are smoothly gliding above the surface. 

Tour of Caving on Mount Etna from Catania

The tour starts with you observing the underground lava flow cave featuring stalactites, lava shelves and other fascinating physical features. Your next destination is the active with its varied terrain, from to desert valleys to lush vegetation. Walk down a mountain path, and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Valle del Bove!