Japan active tours

If you think that Japan is a tranquil country living in harmony with nature and you will hardly find any way to get the dose of adrenaline, you cannot be more wrong. There is a side of Japan that will fill you with the madness you are willing to experience!

Diving and snorkeling holidays in Japan

If you are a water-lover as well as an owner of an inquisitive mind, why not combine those two features and indulge yourself in diving holidays? The waters of Japan are blessed with varied marine creatures amongst which are turtles, hammerhead sharks and numerous colourful reefs. If you want to learn the cultural aspect of Japan, diving spots in Okinawa are must-visit locations as they World War II wrecks buried deep in their waters.

If you are scared of going deep into waters but still want to have some fun swimming in warm waters observing exotic fish, algae and coral reefs with minimal waves, snorkeling is your answer. Ishigaki Island is the spot recommended for snorkeling holidays.

Cycling tours in Japan

If you want to explore Japan’s landscape and terrain and do it in an exciting way without having your heart pop out of your chest, a cycling tour is a perfect way to do that. Over 70% of Japan is covered by mountains, natural valleys and hills, which is really enough to give you a hard time staying on board (a bit of fun is a necessity).

Rafting adventure in Japan

For those seeking a huge dose of adrenaline, rafting adventure is the answer. Yoshino is the river in Japan famous for its ferocious, hard-to-tame waters and challenging rapids. Pluck up all of your courage; you will need lots of it as you realize the degree of descent as well as height of the waves. Life-jackets are provided.

Trekking tours in Japan

If you are not scared to walk your feet off, Japan has a plethora of trekking tours to explore: steep hikes taking you to the lofty peaks thousands of meters above the sea, treks leading to active volcanoes, long-distance pilgrim routes taking you to the secluded temples inhabited by ascetics. Take a pair of reliable shoes with you and hit the road!