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Looking to get some unforgettable experiences while in Jordan? For an adrenaline junkie, Jordan has a bit of everything to offers. Choose and hit the road for adventures in this hot country!

Trekking tours

If your main reason is to explore Jordan’s terrain, get acquainted with the country’s flora and fauna and get a close look at the landscapes, a trekking tour is the best way to do that.

The biggest part of the country is desert, however, if you want to challenge your feet, the west of the country offers beautiful steep cliffs and slopes descending towards the valley of the Jordan and to Wadi Araba. Petra, the area dominated by ancient rock formations, is a real challenge for the travelers with strong feet. You would have to take the sturdiest pair of shoes and a wagon of patience if you want to traverse this area. If you want to enjoy contemplating the wild cascading waterfalls, head for Wadi Mujib. The west of Jordan is the destination for those enjoying lush green forests.

Diving holidays in Jordan

All of those seeking to get a dose of thrill that would make their blood rush, why settle for surface activities only? There is a plethora of fun activities one might experience in the underwater world, diving is one of them. Aqaba is blessed with one of the best underwater eco-systems in the world and abundance of colourful coral reefs. The waters are crystal and extremely warm. Aqaba features around 30 diving sites and is the best spot to go on diving holidays

Skydiving holidays

IF you feel that neither terrain nor even underwater world exploration is enough, why not soar up in the sky? Skydiving is the perfect way to observe Jordan’s landscape from the bird’s-eye view and get the feeling of your heart popping out of your chest. Those scared of going alone can perform a tandem jump.

Camel riding in Jordan

Exploring dessert on feet is strenuous, so why not to tack up a camel and let the creature help you traverse the area? If you are still oscillating whether or not to try camel riding out, just go for it. The experience of riding a gently swaying camel in the open dessert is incomparable. The best spot for trying out this activity is Wadi Rum. The camels there are happy with people and usually enjoy being caressed.