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Plan Your Ideal Kazakhstan Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is the country blessed with natural resources which, in their turn, provide numerous possibilities to practice various outdoor activities. Whether you are interested in exploring Kazakhstan’s underwater world, terrain, or see the country’s landscape from the skies, whether you are seeking to relax or get your blood rush like mad, Kazakhstan can satisfy your needs.

Canopying adventure

Do you want for once experience what it means to be Tarzan? You are welcome to try this out in the Shymbulak Ski Resort in Almaty. The park consists of ladders, logs and numerous ropes creating obstacles of different complexity. Those who cannot boast an excellent level of fitness should opt for low levels of complexity with barriers being comparatively low above the ground. Those with flexible muscles and good stretching might challenge themselves with more complex route with barriers hanging 5-9 meters above the ground. The adventure frequenters will need all o their courage because the most challenging routes stretch out to 170 meters.

Hiking and trekking tours in Kazakhstan

If you love exploring on feet, be ready to walk your feet off in Kazakhstan, because the country has a plethora of routes and trails to be explored by curious tourists. There are also special tours in which travelers can design itinerary as well as the length of a journey on their own. If you want to enjoy contemplating the mighty mountains of Kazakhstan, there is a famous route is the one guiding you through the Tian Shan Mountains. The route is challenging and following it without a local guide is not recommended.

One of the must-visit places is breath-taking Butakovka waterfall, which does not require a lot of stamina and is quite easy to reach.

Te cherry on top of hiking tours is the route to Charyn Canyon, which is a called a Kazakhstan’s version of notorious American Grand Canyon. Charyn Canyon can be described as a deep long-stretching rock formation with astounding rock walls which change color with the movement of the sun.

Skiing holidays

Normally, Kazakhstan is not the first country that pops up in the head when it comes to skiing holidays, however, winter in Kazakhstan is severe providing those keen on skiing with an excellent opportunity to indulge themselves in this activity! One of the best spots for skiing is the Zaili Alatau Mountains.

Rafting adventure in Kazakhstan             

Kazakhstan is blessed with limitless opportunities for water sports, rafting is one of them. For those seeking to get their heart pop out of their chest, the Turgen River is the answer. You will be carried along by the fast-flowing waters of the river, try not to get overboard!