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Plan Your Ideal Kenya Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Kenya

Situated on the equator, Kenya is one of those African countries that will make your heart melt. Uncover the best of what Kenya has to offer: perform a Masai Mara Safari trip to admire its scenic beauty and abundant wildlife; lay on its amazing beaches and breathe the fresh air. Adore active holidays? Explore the high mountain peaks.


Want to fill your stomach as well as your heart and mind? Take a peek at Carnivore, the place where you can taste the best meat dishes in the country.


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Kenya tours and pictures

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Things to do and see in Kenya:

Kenya beach holidays

How about the tropical beach holiday? Kenya boasts one of the world’s best coastlines.  Why not see it with your own eyes? Enjoy the sun, blue waters and lots of fresh air.

The Masai Mara Reserve

Get ready to admire the abundance of cats in the wild. You’ve got a chance to spot the annual Great Migration. Plus, you can also admire the local beauties and explore traditional local Masai villages. And all this can be done from an air balloon.

Amboseli National Park

Being the number one elite of Kenya’s national parks, Amboseli offers truly amazing African experience. This park is well appreciated due to its amazing wildlife and stunning Kilimanjaro views. Get ready to meet not only huge elephants, but also wildebeest, zebras, lions, cheetahs, and even leopards, rhinos, and giraffes.


This place does not leave anyone indifferent, you can love it or hate, but you won’t be indifferent.  Get ready to taste the most famous barbecued meat in the country! To go with the meats, you also get soup, salads, and sauces. By the way, Carnivore works on an all-you-can-eat basis, so prepare yourself for a good dose of tasty and unusual food.  A memorable night out is guaranteed.