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Rafting / kayaking / sailing
Rafting / kayaking / sailing


If there was paradise on earth, Laos would be the place the description of which is the closest possible epitome of paradise. The landlocked country lying in the heart of the Indochinese peninsula is blessed with all the best aspects of nature. If you are looking to get a dose of adrenaline, the opportunities for you are limitless!

Trekking tour

A trekking tour might not be exactly the activity to take your adrenaline to a new level, but the Laos nature is definitely something that is worth exploring on your two! Laos boats deep rainforests, which can only be explored on feet. The majority of trekking tours include visiting remote ethnic villages operated by provincial guides who are aware of all of the secrets of the local culture. There are special routes taking you off the beaten trek amongst which are tours to hidden caves and investigation of ancient civilizations.

Caving tour

If you are looking to combine exploring with adventures, caving tour might be your answer. Not many people know that, but Laos is a country with the most extensive limestone cave system in Asia. Exploring long-stretching underground chambers adorned with stalactites gives an overwhelming experience. Kasi is one of the must- explore spots. If you are willing to, you can also plan your own expedition with a local guide taking you to the destination of your interest.

Rock climbing adventure

Do not want to settle for exploring only and want to experience some sweat breaking out on your forehead as you push yourself to your very limits? Vang Vieng, a tiny tranquil town surrounded by towering limestone, is the most beautiful spot you will in Southeast Asia for this activity.

Kayaking adventure

If you want to get engaged in kayaking adventure, the magnificent Vientiane Province has lots of swift-flowing rivers for you to indulge yourself in this activity. What makes kayaking so unique an activity, is its ability to take you off the beaten trek and enable you to access the locations which cannot be reached in any other way, such as hidden waterfalls and secret trails. There are also tours combining kayaking with activities such as mountain biking and trekking.

Snorkeling adventure

Want to discover the underwater world of Laos without wasting too much of your energy? This activity is for the lazy adventure seekers. The marine life is vivacious, you will get the kick out of observing colourful creatures inhabiting the warm waters of Laos.