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Lesotho Travel Packages: What Do You Choose?

Fancy feeding your restless soul? How about Lesotho holidays? It’s a fantastic African country, which is greatly admired due to its rugged beauty, countryside, and rural villages. Active travelers adore Lesotho Mountains offering a wide range of outdoor endeavors. Do you know that you can enjoy the snow at a ski resort in Africa? Yes, it’s not a joke, Lesotho boasts the famous Afriski Mountain Resort. The Africa’s highest waterfalls are also awesome to visit. Needless to mention, these Lesotho points of interest are included in almost all Lesotho tour packages. Plus, no matter whether you want to visit Lesotho in winter or summer, it’ll definitely amaze you.

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Lesotho tours and pictures
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Lesotho tours and pictures

What do you choose today?

Things to do and see in Lesotho:

Afriski Mountain Resort

Afriski Mountain Resort is one of the most outstanding places to visit in Lesotho. It’s a nice break both in winter and summer. In summer, you can enjoy mountain biking and running experience whilst winter offers you a wide selection of winter activities, including snowboarding and skiing. And when you think about the fact that you go skiing in Africa, you become overwhelmed, right? Come and see what this fantastic destination for families has to offer.

Maletsunyane Falls

Being the highest waterfalls in Africa, Maletsunyane Falls cannot leave you indifferent once you only take a look at them. Come and spot the waterfall flowing majestically and you will surely fall in love with the surrounding spectacular views. Pony trekking is a popular pastime option in the area. In total, Maletsunyane Falls and the surrounded area are really magnificent.

Katse Dam

Being an incredible piece of engineering, Katse Dam is a definite must do if you're performing Lesotho trip.  Some facts why it can be appealing to you: its height is 185m; the length is around 700m and it has 92 000 cubic meters of concrete.

Anyway, the magnificent kingdom of Lesotho makes a wonderful tourist destination.