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Where can one find the unspoilt nature coexisting with numerous outdoor activities to indulge yourself in? That is right, in Malaysia! Whether your intention is to have a blast and find something to take your adrenaline up to a level, or, on the contrary, looking for seclusion and a sense of peace, Malaysia will give you what you are craving for!

Skydiving adventure

Anyone who wants to experience his pulse racing like mad? Soaring up in the sky above the clouds followed by a sharp drop from huge height is an adventure you will never forget!  Yes, you are not mistaken, skydiving is possible in Malaysia, but the only spot to try this out is Segamat. Just imagine contemplating the landscape of Malaysia from the birds’-eye view while with your body falling from the skies for several seconds before the parachute opens! You wanted adrenaline? You got it!

Zip lining adventure Malaysia

Want to experience the wind running through your hair as you are zipping down at the speed of light? All thrill-seekers will find this heart-racing activity up their street. Fly through the tree tops while catching the glimpse of wild nature surrounding you and exotic birds jumping from one branch to another. Those who want to have their heart pop out of their chest should head to Sabah boasting the longest in the word zip line enabling you to slide back and forth a cable at the full speed. You will be screaming like a child!

Hiking holidays

What is the best way to get acquainted with the terrain and environment of the country without disturbing its nature? On your two, of course! All of nature-lovers should be prepared to walk to till they drop dead! If never get tired of discovering the magnificence of wild nature, the Malaysian serene jungles and deep rainforests will be your paradise on earth! Whether you are new to trekking with not experience but a great load of enthusiasm or an advanced hiker looking to challenge himself, Malaysia has a route for you.

Cycling tour in Malaysia

Whether you are have just learnt to ride a bike a few weeks ago and can be described with the word ‘newb’ or an expert at traversing rugged areas,  Malaysia will satisfy your demands. Single-tracks through serene jungles, rides along the coastline, routes across marvelous landscapes, sharp downhills, awe-inspiring views from the top of a mountain, your choice is limitless. Hit the pedal and face your adventure!