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Maldives active holidays highlights 

The time for long-awaited vacation has finally come and you are heading for the tropical paradise? Breaking away from daily routine is what we all need, but do not miss out on getting a dose if thrill while relaxing on the paradise island. Here are some of the top fun activities to preoccupy yourself with:

Hiking tours in Maldives

Do you want to experience life untouched by civilization? It is for once captivating to explore the real wild nature the humankind came from. There are tours getting you acquainted with day-to-day lives of locals. You will find yourself communicating with locals, who are known for their warm attitude to visitors and will be most likely greeted by a crowd of excited children swarming around you! If you are lucky enough, you will see how the locals build their traditional dhoni boats or you might even visit a local school and see the learning process. Depending on which island you visit, you might even be invited to take tea with the Island Chief (the highest of honours)

If the idea of meeting locals does not seem to you appealing and you would rather have tet-a-tet with the landscapes of the Maldives, there are many options for you too. The views the Maldives boast do not bear resemblance to any other landscapes in the world. If are particularly interested in exotic plants, there are special informative pathway revealing you which plant can be used for its medicinal values, which are used by the locals with the view to the ornamental properties.

Another exciting hiking tour is called ‘Crab walk’. It is a special pathway during which you will be finding these marine crustaceans. This is an exciting journey for both children and adults!

Snorkeling adventure in Maldives

If you have chosen the Maldives to be your destination for the vacation, you must be mad about water sports. Those more adventurous usually opt for diving, but if you are more of a lazy type, snorkeling must be up your street. Even without going too deep, you will still be able to enjoy contemplating the vivacious underwater life of the Maldives.

Scuba diving holidays in Maldives

The Maldives has gained a worldwide popularity due to its scuba diving opportunities. If you are not scared of going to the very bottom of the Indian Ocean, your bravery will be rewarded. Sharks (sounds intimidating, but they are fully harmless), turtles and a plethora of exotic fish species are awaiting you!