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Malta Adventure Holidays

Malta is the place featuring a great range of outdoor activities for you to engage in on holiday in Malta and Gozo. Amongst them are:

Self-guided walking tour on Calypso’s Isle

The island of Gozo, featuring a rugged terrain and a magnificent coastline, is a remote, verdant place with tranquil town boasting baroque architecture, churches and gardens. Gozo is deemed to be the legendary Calypso's Isle of Homer's Odyssey. Our self-guided walking tour will help you discover the charm of the island with its tranquil, mystical waters.

Malta jetpack flying adventure

Are you ready to be astounded by the world's first jetpack flying adventure enabling you to walk and fly above water? The adventure will take your adrenaline to the highest level as you soar up in the air and see the spectacular view of Valletta, famous for its beauty.

You will be easily hovering above the water secured by cutting-edge water-propelled jetpack technology. The one of its kind state-of-the-art hose is 10 meters long and can elevate you 10 meters up in the air. You will be able to move up and down and turn in any direction!

Three in one: Climbing, abseiling and bouldering holiday on Gozo

If you are seeking climbing adventures, Gozo is the perfect place for you. The island of Gozo has numerous crags with around 1,500 routes across the islands from inland valleys, rugged coastlines to caves and ridges, deep-water soloing revenues are also present. The climbing styles vary from single pitch to multi-pitch routes.

If you are beginner taking your first step into climbing, or looking for group team building activities, abseiling adventure will make your day. Gozo has locations catering for different levels of experience. Learn in baby steps tackling progressively bigger descents as your confidence grows. Experience the thrill of descending the side of a cliff.

The Maltese Islands feature a great collection of boulders — deep red sandstones, resting on a bed of hard clay. The boulders are all located within a small area giving a range of different shapes and sizes to challenge yourself!

Diving trip in Malta

Gozo and Comino have a great number of places for entering the underground world. Warm sea temperatures and crystal waters ensure the all-year-round diving possibilities. The island’s best venues for diving include the Inland Sea and the Blue Hole. Sophisticated colourful rock formations, subtle living coral and delicate seahorses are awaiting you in the dusky caves of the underground world. Venture to make a diving trip on Gozo to get unforgettable impressions.