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Peaks of Balkan – Borderland Journey


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Trekking + walking
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Montenegro Coast Discovery Tour



Montenegro Active Travel

Montenegro is being celebrated by tourists for its ‘wild beauty’, for a good reason too. However, if you spend all of your time lying on the beach, you will not get to see much of it. There are lots of places that can both get you closer to nature and take your adrenaline to the highest level! You can always have a cooling dip after though.

Rafting tour in Montenegro

If you are looking forward to adrenaline-fuelled experience, do not, because the biggest part of the journey will be relatively calm, although it does put on gas in spring when the melting snow speeds up the flow. The majority of rapids are awaiting you at the final kilometers of the tour as you approach the Bosnian border. Do not forget to get equipped with a helmet and a lifejacket and best of like taming the waters on your rafting tour in Montenegro!

Hiking and biking adventures in Montenegro

Montenegro has plenty of splendid cycling and trekking routes and trails, with options for different levels of fitness and aptitude. The easiest ones are the circuits of Durmitor national parks and lakes in Biogradska Gora. The first one provides mountain landscape while the latter one offers deep old-growth forests. If you are up for something more challenging, try conquering the Vrmac Ridge starting at a fort above Kotor and offering breathtaking views over outer and inner bay. Make sure you have a plenty of water with you as well as study shoes, hit the pedal and get ready for a thrilling hiking/ biking holiday!

Skiing holidays in Montenegro

The period from December to April is the perfect time to hit the slopes. The distinguishing feature of skiing in this area is the price – a full day will set you back only €20. You can also try cross-country skiing tours in Durmitor and Lovćen national parks both revered venues amongst tourists.

A thrilling helicopter tour in Montenegro

Indulge yourself in a thrilling experience - a helicopter tour. Get up in the air in Tivat and explore the beauty of the Montenegro landscape from a bird’s-eye view. You are guaranteed to the chills from the view of gigantic mountains of Boka Bay. This scenic helicopter tour gives you a great chance to discover the major tourist attractions in several hours, amongst which are the breathtaking Sveti Island islet, the tranquil Adriatic coastline and Budva.