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Plan Your Ideal Mozambique Holidays: Review of Adventure Travel in Mozambique

We have multiple suggestions for you regarding how to spend your holiday in Mozambique. It’s a fascinating African country, which has what to offer you. In fact, Mozambique makes a perfect getaway for anyone. Adore beaches and water activities? Lounge on a pristine beach with an exotic cocktail or go diving in its transparent waters. How about adventure holidays in Mozambique? Head for safari adventures.


Needless to note, these days, Mozambique honeymoon vacations are becoming more and more popular. Indeed, it’s a great place for a couple to enjoy the festive holiday together as it is really romantic and engaging. Do you know that it was the Mozambique people who created the Marimba instrument? Why not enjoy them playing it during your Mozambique vacation?

Plan your engaging Mozambique holidays right away!

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Mozambique tours and pictures

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Things to do and see in Mozambique:

Serene beaches

Come and admire the endless idyllic beaches Mozambique has to offer. The Sandy islands of Bazaruto Archipelago are definitely well worth visiting.

Mozambique safaris 

There are nine national parks available where you can observe and admire its wildlife and stunning landscapes. One of the most widely loved ones is the Liwonde National Park, which is a home to a number of elephants, crocodiles, hippos and diverse birds species. Different kinds of safaris are possible: horse safari, boat safari, and etc. Choose which safari trip is the most appealing to you!


Praia do Tofo

This small town, which is situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean, attracts tourists like a magnet. If you decide to visit it, you will see numerous beach villas, diving retreats, and stunning scenery. There are some attractive reefs to explore the marine life in the area.